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Medical Tourism - Top 20 Global Destinations

October 2018 | | ID: MFFAC16B08CEN
Ian Youngman

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MEDICAL TOURISM-top 20 global destinations examines why the top 20 destination countries are where they are today. Global medical tourism is increasing annually. What is changing rapidly is each country’s share of the total, and the type of medical tourist they are attracting, It highlights those countries that are or are becoming major destinations, why, and what they are doing to promote their country. This is complied by an author who has been writing about medical tourism for 15 years.

This report investigates current and potential opportunities for medical tourism by analysing inbound numbers by country, and revenue.

Most medical tourism reports are out of date by the time they are published, so this one works in a new way. Using a global medical tourism database that is updated weekly, the bespoke report is compiled within 5 working days using the latest information available.

Country specific details include
  • Inbound medical tourism numbers
  • Inbound health and wellness tourism numbers
  • Overview
  • Potential
  • Medical tourism numbers in detail
  • Problems with medical tourism numbers in
  • Medical tourism numbers targets
  • Health tourism numbers in
  • Health tourism numbers targets
  • Medical tourism visas
  • Where medical tourists come from
  • Why inbound medical tourists go there
  • Inbound medical tourism treatments
  • Hospitals and clinics in medical tourism
  • Target markets by country
  • Medical tourism promotion
  • Medical tourism financial incentives and grants
  • Medical tourism at airports and airlines
  • Health tourism
  • Health tourism promotion
  • Health tourism financial incentives and grants
  • Medical tourism revenue
  • Health tourism revenue
  • Medical tourism revenue targets
  • Domestic medical tourism
  • Medical tourism regulation
  • Medical tourism price regulation
  • Medical tourism treatment and other problems
  • Promotional bodies
Reason to Buy

Every country and organisation needs to update and refine its medical tourism strategy and to do that they need to know the latest on which countries are doing well, who goes there, the treatment they seek and why they go there. This report is essential reading to any organisation serious about medical tourism.

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