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Dubai Medical Tourism: massive inbound potential

October 2018 | 30 pages | ID: DA4B6636EABEN
Ian Youngman

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Inbound Dubai medical and wellness tourism is rising

350,000 people go to Dubai for medical treatment

The government is promoting medical tourism in many ways

Wellness tourism is next to be promoted

Dubai Healthcare City is in phase 2

Regulation and promotion go hand in hand

Key topics covered in the report:
  • Overview
  • Potential
  • Outbound numbers
  • Dubai's global position
  • Inbound numbers
  • Dubai's global position
  • Potential and problems
  • Inbound spending
  • Outbound spending
  • Outbound countries
  • Source countries
  • Reasons for going overseas
  • Medical treatment offered in Dubai
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • DXH
  • Target markets
  • Medical tourism visas
  • Regulation
  • Airlines
  • Promotional bodies
Inbound medical tourism numbers
Inbound health and wellness tourism numbers
Outbound medical tourism numbers
Patient safety and other problems
Dubai Healthcare City
Other hospitals in medical tourism
Health tourism
Inbound medical and health tourism numbers
Inbound medical and health tourism forecasts and targets
Medical and health tourism revenue
Medical and health tourism revenue forecasts and targets
Reliability of figures
Target markets
Medical tourism visas
Why inbound medical and health tourists go there
Inbound medical and health tourism treatments
Medical and health tourism promotion
DHX SmartCare
Travel insurance
Patient protection plan
3D printing
Medical tourism regulation
Medical and health tourism financial incentives
Links with airports and airlines and railways
Outbound medical tourism numbers
Medical tourism outbound spending
Where medical tourists go
Why outbound medical tourists go overseas
Domestic medical tourism
Promotional organisations

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