China Coal Industry Report - H2, 2013

Date: February 28, 2014
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China Coal Industry Report - H2, 2013
This report discusses China’s coal industry, providing an overview of trends through H2 2013 and market outlook through 2015. The report also profiles leading players in the coal industry, among them China Shenhua Energy, China Coal Energy, Shanxi Coal International, Yang Quan Coal, and Yanzhou Coal Mining.

China has the world’s third-largest coal reserves after the United States and Russian Federation. In 2012, coal production in China grew by 3.8% y/y to 1,825.0Mtoe. China still accounted for nearly half of the world’s coal production and consumption. There were more than 7,900 companies in the coal industry recording a total of RMB 4.8tn in total industry asset value. The coal industry reported a lower net profit margin in 2013.

Coal accounted for nearly two-thirds of the country’s energy production in 2012. China has committed to supercritical and ultra-supercritical pulverized coal combustion technologies in coal-fired power plants. The country had been a net exporter of coal for more than two decades. In 2012, coal imports surged 13.3% while exports decreased 19.3%.

China is expected to see slower growth in coal demand in the short-term, which is in line with the country’s economic growth. Railway freight traffic is projected to reach 2.6bn tons by 2015. In 2012, benchmark prices for Chinese coal dropped from RMB 800 per ton in January to RMB 635 per ton in October. Inventory at integrated dispatching power stations was at record levels by end-October. The leading players of the industry are China Shenhua Energy, China Coal Energy, Shanxi Coal International Energy Group, Yang Quan Coal Industry, and Yanzhou Coal Mining.

Key Points:
  • This report offers details on market position and financial performance for six leading players in China’s coal sector, including the following: China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. (China Shenhua), China Coal Energy Co. Ltd., Shanxi Coal International Energy Group Co. Ltd. (SCIE), Yang Quan Coal Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. (Yang Quan), and Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.
  • In 2012, approximately 66% of China’s installed electricity capacity was coal-based. Coal-based electricity generation is expected to decrease from the current 66% to 55% by 2025.
  • The government aims to reduce the number of coal companies to below 4,000 by 2015.
  • From 2004 to 2013, coal imports recorded a CAGR of 37.52%. In 2013, imports of coal surged 13.3% y/y to 32.72mn tons.

1.1 Global Coal Industry Overview
  1.1.1 Production
  1.1.2 Consumption
  1.1.3 Reserves
  1.1.4 Trade: Imports and Exports
1.2 China Coal Industry
  1.2.1 Production
  1.1.3 Consumption
  1.1.4 Trade: Imports and Exports


2.1 Coal in Power Generation
2.2 Coal Mines Safety and Backward Capacity Control
2.3 Coal Transportation by Rail
2.4 Coal Prices and Inventories


3.1 Leading Players
  3.1.1 China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.
  3.1.2 China Coal Energy Co. Ltd.
  3.1.3 Shanxi Coal International Energy Group Co. Ltd.
  3.1.4 Yang Quan Coal Industry (Group) Co. Ltd.
  3.1.5 Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.
3.2 Comparative Matrix
3.3 SWOT Analysis


Table 1: Top 10 Countries by Coal Production
Table 2: Top 10 Countries by Coal Consumption
Table 3: Top 10 Countries by Coal Reserves 2012
Table 4: Top 10 Coal Net Importers and Exporters 2012
Table 5: China Shenhua Financial Highlights
Table 6: China Coal Financial Highlights
Table 7: Shanxi Coal Financial Highlights
Table 8: Yang Quan Coal Financial Highlights
Table 9: Yanzhou Coal Financial Highlights
Table 10: Selected Peers Comparison of Key Financial Ratios
Chart 1: Global Coal Production
Chart 2: Global Coal Production by Region 2012
Chart 3: Global Coal Consumption
Chart 4: Global Coal Consumption by Region 2012
Chart 5: World Coal Reserves by Region 2012
Chart 6: China Energy Production by Type 2012
Chart 7: Number of Enterprise and Industry Asset Value
Chart 8: Revenue and Net Profit Margin of Coal Industry
Chart 9: Coal Production Volume and Growth Rate
Chart 10: Coal Consumption Volume and Growth Rate
Chart 11: Coal Imports Volume and Value
Chart 12: Coal Exports Volume and Value
Chart 13: Installed Electricity Capacity by Fuel 2012
Chart 14: Death Toll from Coal Mine Accidents
Chart 15: Coal Freight Traffic on National Railway
Chart 16: China Coal Benchmark Price
Chart 17: Coal Industry Product Inventory Value and Growth Rate
Chart 18: Integrated Dispatching Power Station Coal Inventory
Chart 19: China Shenhua Segment Revenue 2012
Chart 20: China Coal Segment Revenue 2012
Chart 21: Shanxi Coal Segment Revenue 2012
Chart 22: Yang Quan Coal Segment Revenue 2012
Chart 23: Yanzhou Coal Segment Revenue 2012
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China Coal Industry Report - H2, 2013
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