Meat Market Research ReportsĀ & Industry Analysis

The Asia-Pacific is the world leading meat consumer. North America and Europe are on the 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The U.S., China, Brazil, Argentina, and India are the key cattle producers. The interest in organic products is rising in the U.S. This trend expands throughout the world. Tyson Fresh Meats, Nippon Meat Packers, Cargill Meat Solutions, Amadori Group, Itoham Foods are the major market players.

Recently, the meat market has experienced downturn provoked by the world economic crisis and cattle diseases. The market has recovered rapidly, and now it is witnessing stable growth. The key drivers of the meat market include population increase, a high level of urbanization, rising incomes and gradual economic stabilization. Nevertheless, expansion of vegetarianism slows the demand for meat in some regions.

The catalogue offers research reports covering the meat market at a global scale as well as regional and country scales. The market studies analyze the current state of the meat market, its segmentation and size, major drivers and restrains. The data on demand and consumption are also available in the researches. Furthermore, the research reports provide access to the discussion future prospects for the market.