Oils & Fats Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Oils and fats form the significant segment of the food industry. Oils and fats represent an important source of the indispensable nutrients. Nevertheless, there are some kinds of products, which are considered to provoke serious health problems. Fats are grouped into the two huge types: saturated and unsaturated. In terms of dietary requirements, essential and non-essential fats are distinguished. Cooking oils on a plant basis are classified as follows: palm, sunflower, soybean, lauric, rapeseed and other vegetable oils. Palm and soybean oils markets are characterized by the largest production volumes.

Increasing interest in low-fat diets restricts growth of the oils and fats market. Asia is the global leader of the oils and fats market. Indonesia is the dominant producer in this region, accounting for nearly 45% of world palm oils output. China holds the top position in the soybean and canola oils production. Asia is also the largest consumer of oils and fats (44% of the global figure).

This MarketPublishers’ catalogue contains research reports covering the oils and fats market at world, regional and country levels. The market researches offer deep insights into the various market sectors, drivers and restrains. The reports provide access to the relevant data on sales volumes as well as supply and demand dynamics. Moreover, the researches analyze performance of market players and future market opportunities.