Analysis of Global Beef Market

Date: December 23, 2009
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Analysis of Global Beef Market
Beef is one of the important sources of protein. With the growth in world economy, the beef consumption has seen a significant rise in past and hence it is now the third most preferred source of protein in meat consumption. World beef production and consumption is growing steadily and is expected to grow further. As the income level of the consumers has increased over the years, the food consumption pattern is seeing a shift to premium food products (which includes beef) which offer more nutrition.

Due to this shift in consumption pattern, the global beef trade has become more significant and is showing an increasing trend. The report analyses the global beef industry on different parameters like production, consumption and trade. It also discusses the countries which have significant contribution in global beef industry. Some of the countries have clear dominance in beef industry while others are solely dependent on these countries. The report analyses these countries and the key features which strengthen the presence of these countries in the market.

The other aspect that the report covers is the interesting facts about the industry in terms of the opportunities available in the markets. With the emerging markets growing at a faster rate, the consumption pattern has seen a significant shift in food items. Also few countries have a declining trend in beef production and increasing domestic beef demand compelling them to be significant importers of beef products.

The report covers the unique features of different regions which have contributed significantly to world beef industry. For example, Brazil is the leading beef exporter in world. The beef consumption in Australia is very less and most of the beef is produced for export purpose, hence making it a strong market for beef industry. Also U.S is a significant beef importer and exporter and heading towards equilibrium in both export and imports. The report also highlights the emerging market in beef trade, India, which has a huge potential in beef industry as it has one of the highest cattle stock in world.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.



2.1 Market Overview
2.2 Beef Production
2.3. Beef Consumption
2.4. Global Trade


3.1 Brazil – Market Leader in Beef Export
  Cattle Statistics
  Production & Consumption
  Beef Surplus
  Per Capita Beef Consumption
  Beef Export by Product Types
3.2. Australia – Low Consumption, High Exports
  Cattle Statistics
  Slaughtering Trend & Forecast
  Production & Consumption Trend
  Export by Countries
3.3. United States – Heading Towards Net Exporter
  Cattle Statistics
  Production & Consumption
  Per Capita Consumption
  Beef Deficit & Imports
  Beef Trade by Value & Volume
3.4. India – Emerging Market in Beef Export
  Cattle Statistics
  Production & Consumption
  Per Capita Beef Consumption
  Export Market Opportunities


4.1 Increasing Demand in Developing Countries Vs Developed Countries
4.2 Falling Production & Increasing Consumption in EU-27 and Russia
4.3 Shift in Consumption Pattern


5.1 Key Growth Drivers
  Population & Economic Growth
  Rising Net Exports
5.2 Key Challenges
  Impact of BSE Outbreak


6.1 JBS
  Business Overview
  Key Strategies
  Seeking Investment & Acquisition Opportunities
  Expand Globally to Diversify Production Platforms
  Focus on High-margin Products & segments
6.2 Tyson Foods
  Business Overview
  Key Strategies
  Build a Multinational Enterprise
  Emphasis on Renewable Products
  Diversification – Product-wise & Export-wise
6.3 Cargill Inc.
  Business Overview
  Significant developments
  Sold Seara Alimentos Ltda to Marfrig Frigorificos e Com de Alim SA
  Exit from Biopolymer Joint Venture with Teijin Limited


7.1 Outlook
7.2 Market Forecast
7.3 Forecast Methodology
  7.3.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
  7.3.2 Correlation Analysis
  7.3.3 Regression Analysis


Global Population & Income Growth Trend (1997-2006 & 2007-16)
Worldwide Beef Production by Country (2005-10E)
World Beef Consumption by Country (2005-10E)
Worldwide Beef Imports by Country (2005-10E)
Worldwide Beef Exports by Country (2005-10E)
Exports of Major Countries by Product (Jan-Sep 2009)
Brazil Beef Exports by Country (Jan-Sep 2009)
Australia Beef Exports by Country (2004-09)
Major U.S Beef Export Countries (2004-August 2009)
Major U.S. Beef Importing Countries (2004-August 2009)
Global Per Capita Livestock Products Consumption (1964-66, 1997-99 & 2030)
Comparison in Growth of Global Livestock Products (1964-1999 & 1999-2030)
Share of Volume Sold-Thousand Tones – JBS (2008)
Revenues by Segment – Tyson Foods (2007-08)
Worldwide Beef Trade Outlook (2009-18E)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2002–09)
Correlation Table
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output


Correlation in Income and Food Consumption
Worldwide Cattle Statistics (2005-10E)
Worldwide Cattle Trade (2005-10E)
Worldwide Beef Production (2005-10E)
Worldwide Beef Consumption (2005-10E)
Worldwide Beef Imports (2005-10E)
Worldwide Beef Exports (2005-10E)
Brazil - Cattle Statistics (2004-09)
Beef Surplus – Brazil (2005-10E)
Brazil - Per Capita Beef Consumption- Brazil (2005-10E)
Brazil - Types of Beef Exports by Volume (2004-09)
Types of Beef Exports by Value (2004-09)
Australian Cattle Statistics (2004-09E)
Forecasted Australian Cattle Statistics (2009-14E)
Australia Beef Production and Consumption (2004-09)
Australia Beef Production and Consumption Forecast (2009-14E)
Australia Beef Export (2004-09)
Australia Beef Export Forecasted (2010-14E)
US - Per Capita Beef Consumption (2005-10E)
US - Per Capita Beef Consumption Forecast (2010-18E)
US Beef Deficit (2005-10E)
US Beef Production & Consumption Forecast (2010-18E)
US Beef Trade by Volume (2005-09)
US Beef Trade by Value (2004-08)
US Beef Trade Forecast (2010-18E)
India - Beef Cattle Statistics (2005-09)
India - Production and Consumption (2005-10E)
India - Per Capita Beef Consumption (2005-10E)
India - Total Beef Export (2005-10E)
Growth Projected in Developing Countries Beef Consumption (2010-18E)
Russia Beef Deficit (2005-10E)
EU-27 Beef Deficit (2005-10E)
Growth in Sales – Cargill Inc. (2005-09)
Projected Annual Growth Rate of World Beef Production (2009-11E)
Projected Growth Rate of World Beef Consumption (2010E-2017E)
Projected Annual Growth Rates for Worldwide Beef Trade (2010E-2017E)
Global Beef Consumption Forecast (2009-12E)
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Analysis of Global Beef Market
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