A Study on Global Smokeless Tobacco Market: 2009 Edition

Date: December 23, 2009
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A Study on Global Smokeless Tobacco Market: 2009 Edition
Smokeless tobacco products (STP), snuff or chewing tobacco are consumed almost in every part of the world; however, in different forms, like snus in the Scandinavian countries and snuff in rest of Europe and in the US. Globally, Swedish Match and US Smokeless Tobacco Company (USSTC) now acquired by Altria Inc. are the largest market players in smokeless tobacco market.

STP accounts for a very small share of the tobacco industry with Scandinavia and the US are by far the world’s largest markets for snuff and snus. A substantial proportion of smokers have switched from cigarettes to use of smokeless products like snuff and snus. New forms of smokeless tobacco have been launched that contain low level of toxins and nicotine and are less dangerous than smoked tobacco products.

The main drivers of this industry are the declining cigarette sales due to social opposition towards smoking and also a strong health awareness trend. Moreover STPs are less taxed and much cheaper than cigarettes. However, the industry also faces many challenges in terms of retaining its customers as people are becoming more concerned about tobacco related health issues. STP is also associated with cancers of the esophagus, larynx, and stomach, and an increased risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Moreover increased ban on consumption of tobacco products has reduced the industry’s revenue.

Apart from the existing players in this market, the tobacco majors are entering this category in a big way by introducing their own brands of smokeless tobacco. Additionally, these tobacco majors are also opting for inorganic growth by acquiring the big players of the smokeless category, to gain a greater share of this growing niche segment.

The report focuses on various aspects of smokeless tobacco industry including the market size and geographical segmentation of the market. The report also analyses the key trends, drivers and challenges of the STP market. Further, the report highlights the positioning and strategies of top STP manufacturers –Swedish Match, USSTC/Altria and Reynolds American Inc.


1.1 Market Size
1.2 Smokeless Tobacco: Product Segmentation
  Chewing tobacco
  Swedish snus


2.1 The US smokeless tobacco market
  The US snuff market
  The US chewing tobacco market
2.2 The Scandinavian snus market
  Swedish snus market
2.3 The Indian smokeless tobacco market


3.1 Substituting cigarettes
3.2 Changing tax rates and other regulations
3.3 Tobacco leaders acquiring smokeless majors
3.4 High entry barriers
3.5 Introducing new spitless and pasteurized products


4.1 Declining cigarettes consumers
4.2 Less hazardous than smoked products
4.3 Cheaper than other tobacco products


5.1 Health hazards
5.2 EU ban
5.3 Rising smokeless tobacco taxes


6.1 Swedish Match
  Company description
  Business strategies
6.2 Reynolds American Incorporation (Conwood)
  Company description
  Business strategies
6.3 Altria Incorporation (UST Inc)
  Company description
  Business strategies


US Smokeless Tobacco Market Forecast
Forecast Methodology
Dependent and Independent Variables
Correlation Analysis
Regression Analysis
Swedish Snus Market Forecast
Forecast Methodology
Dependent and Independent Variables
Correlation Analysis
Regression Analysis


Prevalence of consumption of different forms of tobacco in rural male population in India (2009)
Age group distribution of exclusive smokeless tobacco users and non users of tobacco in India (2009)
Tax rates in effect on April 1, (2009) in US
Merger & Acquisition activities in Chewing & Smoking Tobacco industry till 2009
New Smokeless products introduced (2008-2009)
Health risk comparison smokeless consumers vs smokers (2009)
Comparison of moist snuff and pack of cigarettes in US (2008)
Changes in Federal Excise Taxes for smokeless and other tobacco products (2009)
Various health hazards of smokeless tobacco
Dependent & Independent Variables (2003– 2008) US
Correlation Matrix (US)
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination (US)
Regression Coefficients Output (US)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2003– 2008) Sweden
Correlation Matrix Sweden
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination Sweden
Regression Coefficients Output Sweden

Worldwide tobacco production (2003 – 2008)
Global production of fire cured tobacco (2003 – 2008)
Global market for moist snuff and snus in terms of volume: (2005-2008)
Production Process of Snuff
The US Snuff Market by price segment (2001-2008)
Growth of snus sales in Sweden (1991-2008E)
Decline in cigarettes sales in Sweden (1991-2008E)
Area and production of tobacco in India (2001-2008)
Export of chewing tobacco in terms of value and volume in India (2005-2009)
Exports of snuff in terms of value and volume in India (2005-2009)
Excise collections from tobacco products in India (2005-2009)
US smoking population (12 years and older) (2002-2012E)
US cigarettes consumption in volume (2004-2012E)
Cigarettes consumption in India (2003-2008)
Swedish Match revenue (2004-2008)
Reynolds American Inc. revenue (2004-2008)
UST Inc. revenue (2004-Q308)
The US Smokeless tobacco market sales forecast (2008 – 2012E)
Sweden snus market sales forecast (2007A – 2012E)


Global Share of tobacco products in terms of market value (2007)
Market share of companies engaged in production of tobacco products worldwide (2008)
Snuff Market Share by Product Segment in US (2008)
Moist Snuff Market Share: By Companies in US (2008)
Moist Snuff Market Share By Brands in US (End September 2009)
Chewing Tobacco Market: By Product Segments in US (2008)
Chewing Tobacco Market Share: By Companies in US (2008)
Market shares of major snus competitors in Sweden (2008)
Consumption of different forms of tobacco in India (2009)

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