Seasoned analysts at enincon with heavyweight industry experts are eminent providers of technical consulting services and business solutions to such sectors as:
  • Coal (assisting in making decisions and effective execution of geological prospecting, mining, and coal processing)
  • Energy renewable (rendering project support and project feasibility analysis for multiple industry participants)
  • Power (conducting impact study, project reports, and environment analysis together with support with signing purchase contracts with key buyers)
  • Oil & Gas (conducting environmental assessment and feasibility studies of value chain and assisting in finished-product recovery)
  • Solar (catering to the needs of diverse clientele in project feasibility assessment, project report preparation, and power related agreements)
  • Wind (providing project report preparation and helping with contract execution)
The biggest concern of enincon is to help the clients approach consistent growth with our industry insights, long-standing progress, and strategic solutions. Growing together with our customers, we render competent expertise that includes:
  • Market Forecasting. Deep research of a designated industry and its long-term perspectives enable us to prepare an accurate forecast backed up by numbers.
  • Market Entry Roadmap. We ensure people’s awareness of their threats and opportunities when entering a new market, understanding of the market environment and suggesting optimal strategies.
  • New geography entry. We urge our clients to venture into such regions where there is a little competition.
  • Consumer Segmentation. We help all size of business customers to select best consumer-friendly strategies for a maximum 5 year period.
  • Product Launch & Extension. We help to bring a new product to the market and ensure its extension for a long period.
Excellent business solutions suggested by enicon make the companies develop dynamically, take informed decisions in their business and reach distinct efficiency. Our research reports are tailor-made and contain practical findings based on benchmarking, due diligence, customer learning and fieldwork expertize.

Research Reports By enincon

Found 39 publications
Electric Vehicles Market in India – 2017 US$ 1,599.00 Oct, 2017 400 pages
UDAY’s Impact and Compatibility US$ 1,199.00 Oct, 2017 350 pages
Solar Rooftop Market in India 2017 US$ 1,199.00 Sep, 2017 300 pages
Power Distribution Outlook in India-2017 US$ 1,099.00 May, 2017 300 pages
Natural Gas Outlook in India 2017 US$ 899.00 Apr, 2017 200 pages
Hydro & Small Hydro Outlook in India -2017 US$ 1,099.00 Apr, 2017 300 pages
Unleashing Upcoming EPC Opportunities in India 2017 US$ 2,199.00 Mar, 2017 350 pages
Power Distribution Tariffs in India 2017 US$ 899.00 Mar, 2017 500 pages
Indian Coal Outlook 2016 US$ 899.00 Feb, 2017 500 pages
Direct Power Purchase Agreements in India -2016 US$ 2,199.00 Jan, 2017 500 pages
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