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enincon: Market Research Reports

Seasoned analysts at enincon with heavyweight industry experts are eminent providers of technical consulting services and business solutions to such sectors as:

  • Coal (assisting in making decisions and effective execution of geological prospecting, mining, and coal processing)
  • Energy renewable (rendering project support and project feasibility analysis for multiple industry participants)
  • Power (conducting impact study, project reports, and environment analysis together with support with signing purchase contracts with key buyers)
  • Oil & Gas (conducting environmental assessment and feasibility studies of value chain and assisting in finished-product recovery)
  • Solar (catering to the needs of diverse clientele in project feasibility assessment, project report preparation, and power related agreements)
  • Wind (providing project report preparation and helping with contract execution)

The biggest concern of enincon is to help the clients approach consistent growth with our industry insights, long-standing progress, and strategic solutions. Growing together with our customers, we render competent expertise that includes:

  • Market Forecasting. Deep research of a designated industry and its long-term perspectives enable us to prepare an accurate forecast backed up by numbers.
  • Market Entry Roadmap. We ensure people’s awareness of their threats and opportunities when entering a new market, understanding of the market environment and suggesting optimal strategies.
  • New geography entry. We urge our clients to venture into such regions where there is a little competition.
  • Consumer Segmentation. We help all size of business customers to select best consumer-friendly strategies for a maximum 5 year period.
  • Product Launch & Extension. We help to bring a new product to the market and ensure its extension for a long period.

Excellent business solutions suggested by enicon make the companies develop dynamically, take informed decisions in their business and reach distinct efficiency. Our research reports are tailor-made and contain practical findings based on benchmarking, due diligence, customer learning and fieldwork expertize.

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Saubhagya Scheme & Intermittent Opportunities for Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Sector in India US$ 2,299.00

... to EPC players, Saubhagya Scheme opens up a wide opportunity zone for all. To tap this underlying opportunity on pan India as well as regional ... opportunities there off under Saubhagya Scheme Analysing region wise impact of Saubhagya Scheme on Power Demand in India Examining region wise opportunities for ...

February 2018 350 pages
LNG Business Opportunities and Market Outlook in India – 2018 US$ 1,499.00

... business case to the industry players in coming years. A six fold growth in India’s gas market is anticipated by 2030 from the current levels, to which LNG ... cost dynamics in small scale LNG projects in India Analysing equity acquisition opportunity Identifying opportunity in recent contracts for value chain ...

January 2018 300 pages
Refineries, Product Market and Capacity Expansion Opportunities and Outlook in India- 2018 US$ 1,699.00

... What are the key factors driving refinery business market in India? What shall be the market for refined products in India till 2022? How fair would ... capacity expansions in India till 2022? What would be the market share of players into India’s refining industry till 2022 by capacity? What would be the market ...

January 2018 300 pages
Rising Advantage of Public Private Partnership in India & Project Database on PPP Model US$ 2,299.00

... Government in India is striving for balancing fiscal prudence with economic growth and this boost is likely to enthuse more private investments especially ... and power sector only. When we factor in a US$1.5 billion recapitalization of public banks — with further funds promised — then hopefully there should ...

January 2018 350 pages
State Wise Regulatory and Policy Interface Dynamics & Implications Track US$ 1,299.00

... be the state wise opportunity for OEMs under regulatory regime? What will be the state wise opportunity for DISCOMs under regulatory regime? What will be the state wise opportunity ...

December 2017 300 pages
Wind Power Projects, Auctions & Inter State Transmission Outlook in India US$ 1,899.00

... : Opportunity Assessment of wind power auctions for project developers, OEM’s and funding bodies in terms of bifurcated assets Direct beneficiary benchmarking for the wind power auctions in India WTG OEMs ...

December 2017 300 pages
Electric Vehicles Market in India – 2017 US$ 1,599.00

... grid players in electric vehicle market till 2030? What is regulatory and policy landscape for electric vehicles market in India? What will be the market size for HEV ... , PEV & BEV in India till 2030? KEY HIGHLIGHTS ...

October 2017 400 pages
Opportunities in Power Transmission Capability & Infrastructure Expansion in India US$ 1,199.00

... facets which offer opportunities in relation to the identified growth engine of current power sector in the country i.e. transmission segment. Key ... deficiency track Assessing impact trading business case and transmission infra congestion in India Application of high performance network in existing lines ...

October 2017 400 pages
UDAY’s Impact and Compatibility US$ 1,199.00

... impact of UDAY on financial health of discoms? What is the impact of UDAY on Operational Efficiency of discoms? What is the impact of UDAY on RPO compliance of discoms? What is the impact of UDAY ... is the best performing discom post implementation of UDAY? KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Analysing power demand and supply ...

October 2017 350 pages
Opportunities in Open Access Transactions and Short Term PPAs in Wind Power Business of India US$ 999.00

Opportunity in Open Access Transaction and Short Term Power Purchase Agreements for Developers, Consumers and Traders in Wind Power Business of India In recent step, regulatory commission allowed ...

September 2017 300 pages
Solar Rooftop Market in India 2017 US$ 1,199.00

... market with intermittent opportunities and barriers to evolve correct and absolute guide for effective business decisions related to the likes of solar rooftop in India ... . Our analysts have attempted to design different scenarios and asses the opportunities which solar rooftop brings ...

September 2017 300 pages
Decommissioning Thermal Power Plants in India Evaluating New Industry Segment & Estimating USD 5 Billion Opportunity US$ 1,199.00

Decommissioning Thermal Power Plants in India Evaluating New Industry Segment & Estimating USD 5 Billion Opportunity the coal requirement in order to continue generation for such plants ... the typical cost matrix and salvage value for decommissioning of thermal power plants ? What would be the opportunity for ...

July 2017 300 pages
Domestic & Export Cement Market , Transportation Capacity Utilization & Outlook in India -2017 US$ 1,099.00

... given the performance of capacity utilization of existing cement plants in the country. We intend to scale the domestic cement industries by installed capacity and its utilization ... dossier pertaining to both domestic and export market. Apart from this, a dedicated model based analysis , the cost of transport and cement production pricing analysis ...

June 2017 300 pages
Opportunities in Open Access Transactions and Short Term PPAs in Solar Power Business of India US$ 1,199.00

Opportunity in Open Access Transaction and Short Term Power Purchase Agreements for Developers, Consumers and Traders in Solar Power Business of India Which ... will be a challenge. Does, this risk opens up business opportunity for Open Access transactions in India? Key Queries Resolved Which state has least ...

June 2017 500 pages
Renewable Energy Market and Outlook in India – 2017 US$ 1,249.00

... would be the potential market size of OEMs in India’s renewable energy market space till 2022 ? What would be the potential market size of EPC contractors in India’s renewable energy market space till 2022 ...

June 2017 550 pages
Balance of Plant (BoP) Equipment Market Dynamics and Outlook for Thermal Power Plants in India – 2017 US$ 949.00

... answers in this collective and holistic market research. In India, currently over 68.5 GW of thermal power plant is under construction of which 25% i.e. close to ... category wise market size for BoP equipments in India ? What would be the region wise breakup of BoP equipments in India ? What would be upcoming ...

May 2017 300 pages
Boiler Turbine Generator Equipment Market Dynamics and Outlook for Thermal Power in India- 2017 US$ 1,199.00

... renewable space respectively. With India, completely witnessing drying up of orders from private project developers , the thermal power generation looks to be a dicey ... either NTPC or SEBs in terms of new order , the current BTG equipment market look highly hinged in the favor of domestic OEMs, the fate ...

May 2017 300 pages
Power Distribution Outlook in India-2017 US$ 1,099.00

... power distribution reforms gained momentum soon after the application of EA 2003 (where it was believed to be coined in mid 90’s) , Indian power distribution ... weakest link of the power generation, transmission and distribution chain. With, India having most ... state with an imperative of outlook assessment was ...

May 2017 300 pages
Defence Equipment Market & Manufacturing in India 2017 US$ 2,199.00

... defence manufacturing capabilities over the years. But to look beyond the customary curve, “Make in India” has triggered the positive sentiments for making India to stand at par with its global counterparts with respect to its in house defence manufacturing competencies ...

April 2017 500 pages
Hydro & Small Hydro Outlook in India -2017 US$ 1,099.00

... , India’s hydro sector looks to gain as well from the fillip observed in the country for clean energy generation. Erstwhile, the hydro (LHP) & small hydro (SHP ... endeavoured to address the need and evolve with a more factual outlook for hydro and small hydro in India.

April 2017 300 pages
Opportunity Track in Modernization Infrastructure for Thermal Power Plants in India- 2017 US$ 999.00

... pertinent to replace the same with modernized infrastructure with supercritical units. Recognizing this, one of the India’s largest thermal power generator ... the opportunity stands limited for the key value chain players. Following this scenario, modernizing the infrastructure, presence huge opportunity even if ...

April 2017 300 pages
Natural Gas Outlook in India 2017 US$ 899.00

... ?" Key Highlights: Natural Gas Outlook in India by 2020 LNG Outlook and Opportunities in India by 2020 CGD Outlook and Opportunities in India by 2020 Regasification Outlook and Opportunities in India by 2020 Gas Utilization Outlook by Thermal Power ...

April 2017 200 pages
Unleashing Upcoming EPC Opportunities in India 2017 US$ 2,199.00

... USD 1 trillion, which means contributions of up to 10 percent of India’s GDP. The sectors which are expected to have massive investments ... opportunities in Thermal Power EPC Segment ? Which all states provides best investment opportunities in Power Transmission EPC Segment ? What would be opportunity ...

March 2017 350 pages
Power Distribution Tariffs in India 2017 US$ 899.00

Since 2014, panoramic changes have characterized the power sector including: record addition to generation capacity and the comprehensive ... of the distribution companies. These changes provide the basis for discussing issues of longer-term interest for the states, their power regulators ...

March 2017 500 pages
Indian Coal Outlook 2016 US$ 899.00

Indian coal imports more than tripled from 64 MT in 2010 to 194 MT in 2014 as thermal ... second half of 2015. Imports continued down in first few months of 2016, but imports in June and July were back in growth territory ...

February 2017 500 pages
Water & Wastewater Market in India & Projects Database 2017 US$ 1,299.00

... etc. enincon contrived the ideation of the report on water and wastewater opportunities as per market participants and have forecasts for same till 2022.

February 2017 500 pages
Direct Power Purchase Agreements in India -2016 US$ 2,199.00

... only renewable players are reaping benefits of direct power purchase agreements and why not the thermal power producers under independent and captive category enjoy ... very reason as to why essentially open access is fast gaining popularity in India, which transformed into the research base for the report ...

January 2017 500 pages
Power Scenario in India 2016 – State Wise Tracks US$ 899.00

... to be a phenomenal year for the Indian power sector with the record power (Renewable) capacity addition, power generation and even a record domestic coal production. The present government’s emphasis on improving the power situation ...

December 2016 500 pages
Power Transmission in India 2016: Fact Pack on Network Development, Investments, Opportunities and Challenges US$ 899.00

... and investment opportunities in power transmission. Report give insights on funding trends and trends of national and smart grid in power transmission in india. This report unveils the focus on trends related to supply and sourcing of power transmission equipment & Congestion Trends.

December 2016 500 pages
Solar Tariffs in India : Changing Pattern, Trends & Outlook 2022 US$ 549.00

... of Recent Solar Tariff Bids Comparison of Solar Power Tariffs wrt Conventional Power Tariffs Geographical Mapping of Solar Tariffs Regulatory and Policy landscape for Solar Power Sector in India Realized Potential ...

November 2016 200 pages
Upcoming Energy & Infrastructure Projects in India and South East Asia US$ 2,199.00

... Indian energy & infrastructure segment is anticipated to become a US Dollar Trillion market by FY’ 2020-21. Southeast Asia is the third largest emerging market bloc after China, India ... on Chinese goods. The aim behind coming up with a report on ” Upcoming Energy and Infrastructure Projects in India & South East Asia”, enincon consulting llp presents a galore of opportunities ...

November 2016 500 pages
Captive Power Plants in India 2016-17: Opportunity Tracker for Value Chain Players US$ 2,199.00

... captive power plant is growing stronger with the realms of small & mid-size industry clutters mushrooming on pan India basis. Interestingly, the business cases for captive power ... on thermal power projects in India but deeply ensembles the architecture of captive power generation business and the tied-up opportunities. By the means of our report ” Captive Power Plants in India 2016 ...

November 2016 500 pages
Captive Power Projects in India 2016:Opportunity Tracker for Value Chain Players US$ 2,199.00

... India basis. Interestingly, the business cases for captive power generation has consistently garnered momentum since the very concept got introduced in India post 2003 or better say post application of EA, 2003. Though, captive power generation in India can’t be termed as disruptive however ...

October 2016 500 pages
Oil & Gas Fields , Refineries & RLNG Terminals in India: Tracking Opportunities and Outlook Till 2022 US$ 2,399.00

... in upstream, auctioning of 67 Small Oil and Gas Fields with newly introduced investor friendly terms, Pricing freedom of gas produced from difficult fields etc. In the case ... for many green and brown field refinery projects. The expected futuristic growth of Indian Oil and Gas Sector holds immense conventional as well ...

September 2016 500 pages
Operational, Under Construction and Planned Renewable Projects in India, 2016: Status Track of Capacity Addition Pace US$ 1,299.00

... planned RE targets enincon consulting llp  attempts to provide a competitive project track with exclusive key bidding details for all the under construction and planned renewable projects in India.

July 2016 500 pages
Operational, Under construction and Planned Thermal Power Projects in India 2016: Status Track of Capacity Addition Pace US$ 999.00

... up by coal. It is pertinent to note that of the total 303.08 GW of installed capacity of India estimated on May 2016, coal standalone contributes 186.2 GW of it, which accounts ... demand and to accomplish government’s vision of “Power to All” in India, conventional source of power generation is likely to dominate India’s electricity mix in upcoming years as well.

June 2016 800 pages
Upcoming Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts in India, 2016 US$ 1,199.00

The report is an an exclusive track of tender and lead Contact Details of Upcoming EPC Projects in Thermal Power Segment, Renewable Power Segment, Metal ...

May 2016 800 pages
Financial & Operational Opportunity Track for Discoms Under UDAY US$ 699.00

... sector at large depends upon better financial health and consistent operations of DISCOMS. To ensure this objective Government did attempted FRPs for ...

March 2016 300 pages
Power Distribution Tariffs in India 2016 – Discom Wise & Consumer Wise Comprehensive Track US$ 699.00

... the factual power tariff data and present a dossier which would enable clients with reliable insights and better understanding of the power tariff dynamics ...

March 2016 800 pages