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Market Publishers Ltd and Renaissance Analytics Sign Partnership Agreement

10 Jan 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd and Renaissance Analytics signed partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet. MarketPublishers.com is now authorized to distribute and sell Renaissance Analytics reports.

In her comments on the partnership, Tanya Rezler, Assistant Manager at Partners Department at Market Publishers Ltd noted: “Our panel of energy research focused publishers has received a new member – Renaissance Analytics. This young company offers competitive papers which are sure to be of interest to the energy market professionals. Renaissance Analytics develops independent, first-class reports backed up by highly respectful information sources. Our cooperation is certain to gain success for both the companies and to be of good service to our clients.”

In-demand reports by Renaissance Analytics:

How The Global Automobile & Airline Industries - Are Impacting The Global Energy Business. How are the global automobile and airline industries impacting the global energy business? This issue is the focus of the market report that discusses the global natural gas dynamics and global crude oil dynamics in full detail. It examines the respective activities in the key countries here – Canada, Columbia, Iraq, and Venezuela. The study also covers an insightful analysis of the global automobile and airline industries …

20 Major Exploration & Production Companies Within The Oil & Natural Gas Industry Within North America, and the Global Crude Oil and Natural Gas Environment in Which They Operate. The study resents a comprehensive analysis of the oil and natural gas industry, by using Michael Porter’s five forces industry analysis. The report provides a discussion of the demand fundamentals, depletion, countries with good exploration prospects, and the global emergence of natural gas. It also offers a complete market competition review and projections through 2020 …

The Increasing Role of Alternative Energy. As hydrocarbons continue to dominate the globe with supplying the necessary energy for transportation fuels and power generation, many nations of the globe are investing in alternative sources of energy, to transform their societies in becoming cleaner and greener. In 2009, global renewable energy investment reached $162 billion, and in 2010, renewable investment globally, was estimated between $175 billion to $200 billion. The report draws up a full picture of the industry focusing on the discussion of different types of alternative energy, and how they will be used to transform economies from reducing their dependence on coal, crude oil, and to a lesser extent, natural gas …

The Global Crude Oil Environment in 2011 - The Fundamentals Behind The Global Crude Oil Addiction. The research offers an examination of the comprehensive background surrounding the crude oil environment in 2011. It reviews several of the major events, which have occurred in early 2011, which have impacted global crude oil prices. It highlights the industries in a number of countries, including BRIC, Iraq, the USA …

More details on the publisher and the reports can be found at Renaissance Analytics page.


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