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A legal entity created on a voluntary basis and engaged in a certain business, company can operate in different market and counties. A company size is measured on the basis of its market value, sales, assets or profits. As a rule, companies are represented by the following types: be private, public, government, unlimited, foreign, producer, to name a few. Typical departments found in almost any company comprise but are not limited to production, customer services, marketing, human resources, finance, to name a few.

Exxon Mobil, JPMorgan Chase, Shell, Apple, Royal Dutch Shell and Toyota Motor are amidst the globe’s largest and most influential companies, with most of them active the world over.

This Catalogue’s research reports cover companies involved in various business activities, be it production, sales, marketing, etc. The reports contain information on companies’ activities, historical development, key executives, departments, product offerings. SWOT analyses, data on market share, marketing strategies, the most recent activities within the industry, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and alliances are included in the research reports.

SWOT Analysis Reports

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Comparison of the Zain Telecom’s Audit Report with the Google Inc Audit Report (3000 words) US$ 60.00

... of the way as how Zain Telecom prepared its audit report because in the last deliverable we explain in detail as how Zain Telecom prepared its audit report ... and comparison section of the report. In the first sub section we will identify the similarities among the audit reporting of the Zain Telecom Company ...

May, 2016 12 pages
B293 TMA- Lufthansa Group Case Study (1000) US$ 40.00

This report provides soultion to questions of BE293TMA. The TMA BE 293 covers the financial accounting concepts and practices in the ... students’ understanding of some of the learning points within chapter 15, 16, 17,21. This TMA requires you to apply the course concepts

May, 2016 7 pages
Nidec Corporation Case Study Solution (1000 words) US$ 40.00

... to questions of B292 TMA.This TMA B292 is based around one case of “NIDEC Corporation Annual Report for the year ended March 31, 2014” & also ... analysis. Marks will be awarded for blending the context of the case with relevant theory by means of your own interpretation.

May, 2016 6 pages
Marketing Management- BE300 TMA- Nike and Telecom Case Study (1000) US$ 40.00

This report provide solution to questions of BE300 TMA, Read carefully the following instructions and both cases study, and then answer each question in an essay format. To support your analysis use relevant material from BE300 covered so far and other resources such as AOU e-library articles.

May, 2016 6 pages
Compnay Report on Viva Company Kuwait (3000 words) US$ 54.00

This report is basically a business project that explians SWOT analysis, Plans and Goals of Viva telecommunication Company Kuwait

May, 2016 12 pages
Managing Quality Customer Service - McDonald's (2000 words) US$ 54.00

It’s a Customer service management plan. Various aspects of quality management are discused in this report selecting McDonald's as a compnayto apply quality aspects

May, 2016 17 pages
Managing Quality Customer Service - Burger King (2000 words) US$ 54.00

It’s a Customer service management plan. Various aspects of quality management are discused in this report selecting Burger King as a compnayto apply quality aspects

May, 2016 21 pages
Ikaros Hotel and Resort Business Plan 'Launching new business' (3000 words) US$ 60.00

Ikaros Hotel and Resort will be situated in the Failaka Island of Kuwait and will provide a comprehensive range of hoteling and tourism services for both the ... the project. Ikaros Hotel and Resort will serve as a complete tourist, business and entertainment attraction for both the common and business community through the ...

May, 2016 11 pages
Income statement and Balance Sheet Analysis of Hewlett Packard (HP) (3000 words) US$ 60.00

Hewlett Packard commonly known as HP is an American company of information technology. It’s headquarter is in Palo Alto in California. It is known for the development of variety of various software and hardware components. It also provides services to small, large and medium enterprises and to the consumers. ...

May, 2016 13 pages
PSA Peugeot Citroen: Strategic Alliances for Competitive Advantage (1500 words) US$ 40.00

... PSA Peugeot Citroen is an automobile company that entered into alliance with the ... strategic issues or the strategic objectives of the PSA Peugeot Citroen. (2) Financial and environmental analysis of the PSA Peugeot Citroen. (3) Strategies for the achievement of the strategic goals of the PSA Peugeot Citroen ...

May, 2016 6 pages
Strategies of Samsung (1200 words) US$ 40.00

... various strategies. Product development is basic expansion strategy that is used by company. Samsung employs product development as its key strategy for expansion. According to this strategy, the ... . This strategy is implemented by company by innovation in procedures of research and development. With this expansion strategy, Samsung sees innovation as a main factor of success. By this strategy, the ...

May, 2016 6 pages
Compnay Report on Google Inc (2000 words) US$ 50.00

... Introduction: Google Inc. is a multinational American company that is specialized in providing products and services ... , Google announced to reschedule its interests as holding company “Alphabet Inc.” after this rescheduling Google became parent company of Google internet and subsidiary of Alphabet. Google has ...

May, 2016 9 pages
Marketing of Service Products – KFC, Kuwait (2500 words) US$ 54.00

... explains the 7 C’s of marketing in service terms of KFC, Kuwait. It then details the procedure used by consumers in making decision to obtain the service in pre encounter stage ... are price conscious. The position strategy is Service focused as the small range of items is offered to board market. In case of addition of new segments the ...

May, 2016 11 pages
Company report on 'Ghaliah Tech Company Kuwait' (1500 words) US$ 40.00

... reputed public relation firm of the Kuwait. The mission of the Ghaliah Tech is “To establish a confidential and worthy association with the customers of the ... their message through social media. From the day of establishment Ghaliah Tech making available the communication services to the client and assisting ...

May, 2016 6 pages
Company Report on 'The Engineering Departments Inc' (2000 words) US$ 40.00

... engineering projects and deals in range of electrical engineering products. The company uses a functional hierarchy in the corporation where the leading position of the company is hold by the CEO of the company then comes the functional department of the company ...

May, 2016 7 pages
Company Report - Marketing Mix of Hassan Optician Kuwait (2000 words) US$ 54.00

... the suggestions and the influence of the products on the target markets. In the second section of the report we will focus on the pricing ...

May, 2016 12 pages
Forum Energy Technologies, Inc.: Oil and Gas - Company Profile, SWOT and Financial Analysis US$ 125.00

... overview, key facts, major products and services, SWOT analysis, business description, company history, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, recent developments, key employees, company locations and subsidiaries as well as competitive benchmarking data. Key ...

May, 2016 43 pages
Bravida Sverige AB: Business and Consumer Services - Company Profile, SWOT and Financial Analysis US$ 125.00

... overview, key facts, major products and services, SWOT analysis, business description, company history, key competitors, financial analysis, key employees as well as company locations and subsidiaries. Key ...

May, 2016 32 pages
Anchor Glass Container Corp.: Paper and Packaging - Company Profile and SWOT Analysis US$ 125.00

... Canadean's 'Anchor Glass Container Corp.: Paper and Packaging - Company Profile and SWOT Analysis' contains in depth information and data about the company and its operations. The profile contains a company overview, key facts ...

May, 2016 14 pages
Time Warner Cable Inc – SWOT Framework Analysis US$ 110.00 US$ 94.00

... objective. Aruvian Research analyzes Time Warner Cable in a SWOT analysis and also provides a brief profile of the company in the report Time Warner Cable Inc – SWOT Framework Analysis. It is an in-depth analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that face Time Warner Cable in the present ...

May, 2016 35 pages
TMA - B 203 A, Kuwait Food Compnay Americana, Supply chain analysis Essay US$ 30.00

The Industry of the Kuwait Food Company Americana is much saturated with many rivals in the industry and the currently the industry is on growing mode and have a lot of potential for the food business. The chances of new entrance are low due to high restrictive barriers a high capital and skills. The ...

May, 2016 5 pages
Impact of Oil prices on Kuwait Economy (1100 words) US$ 30.00

... Countries suffered loss. This report explains the impact of oil prices in Kuwait and some other neighboring oil reproducing countries. The results of these countries ... for the major problems emerged from the changes in the oil prices. Continued...

May, 2016 7 pages
Capital budgeting Project for Kuwait Finance House - KFH (2000 words) US$ 40.00

... of Kuwait Finance House has been proposed two projects to CEO Abdul-hakeem Y. Al-Khayyat. The CEO might invest in one or two projects. The 1st project is about development of online billing system. 2nd project is related to construction of new branch in rural area. The projects will be named as Project A and Project ...

May, 2016 11 pages
Capital budgeting project for Zain Telecom- Fiance US$ 40.00

... for which I selected ZAIN group to make capital budgeting. ZAIN is an improving mobile and data services operator in nations ... projects, if they will be beneficial. The 1st project is development of new innovative Data Centre. The 2nd project is about LiveSmart home project. Let’s call these projects Project ...

May, 2016 11 pages
CIMA 2014, Merbatty Case Analysis US$ 54.00

... problems being faced by Merbatty right now. In the beginning of this report, strategic and financial analysis of industry and Merbatty are done. Merbatty is facing four ... for large boats but also increase the brand value of Merbatty. Merbatty still has to look for an interior designer for the new ...

May, 2016 14 pages
Financial Crisis odf 2008 (2000 words) US$ 30.00

Background and overview of Crisis: The financial crisis of 2007-2008 is also named as the Global financial Crisis that shaken the walls of the business world and it is considered the worst financial crisis ...

May, 2016 10 pages
Income Tax in IFRS and US GAAP (2000 words) US$ 40.00

... IAS 12 income tax is the main source of direction on calculation of income taxes in IRFS. In IAS 12 Income taxes, a supposed ‘complete method of balance sheet’ of accounting for income taxes is applied that identifies the recent tax results of dealings ...

May, 2016 9 pages
Marketing Audit Report for Eastern Farm compnay Kuwait US$ 54.00

... Eastern Farm Corporation of Poultry is one of the famous poultry company in the Kuwait that have set its prominent image in the market and ... import and distribution to the ministries of health, veterinary clinics, super markets and agriculture department. They have three major poultry farms ... with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Jordan and Bahrain (Eastern Form Company for Poultry, 2015).

May, 2016 23 pages
Luxurious travel agency- environmental analysis- Deliverable 2 (2250 words) US$ 30.00

We selected “Travel Agency” as a new form of business that we are going to start that will arrange luxurious trips for different people according to their demand.

May, 2016 11 pages
The Story Salon Kuwait - hazards identified and training program to overcome those hazards (2000 words) US$ 40.00

... products every time go in a salon. These hazards are also common in the story salon. There are various kinds of hazards in the story salon. The main kinds ... and products. Physical hazards are associated with problematic circumstances of salon. Environmental hazards are associated with poor environment conditions. The ...

May, 2016 7 pages
Operations Management Report- Cafй Bazza and Hard Rock Cafй Kuwait (3100 words) US$ 62.00

Café Bazza The Cafe Bazza provides various refreshing services to the clients that are truly ... make possible the provision of the relaxed environment at store. Café Bazza targets the domestic people of Kuwait and the business travelers ...

May, 2016 13 pages
Shahina Company Kuwait, Marketing Audi Report (4000 words) US$ 70.00

Shahina Company is a new corporation in the market of Kuwait that is connected to the provision of food stuff to the people of the Kuwait. The main business line of the ... marketing audit, method and type of marketing audit and we will prepare a base that will evaluate the marketing audit tactics of the Shahina Company (Kuwait Yell ...

May, 2016 19 pages
Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Hazard indentified and training program to overcome those hazards (1500 words) US$ 30.00

... . In 1980, Kuwait witnesses the restructuring of the oil divisions in the Kuwait, where The Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation attain innovative creation and attain name of Kuwait Petroleum Company that was also operating under the state. In this situation, The Kuwait National Petroleum ...

May, 2016 6 pages
Research proposal on New accounting systems in Kuwait (2000 words) US$ 40.00

... proper accounting conclusions according to requirements of users. Each accounting system must follow the instructions of GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) whether it is a manual accounting system or new accounting system. The framework for maintenance should be well described and simply to be understood. The implementation of new accounting ...

May, 2016 12 pages
Analysis of finanacial statemnts- detailed thoeratical report (2500 words) US$ 40.00

... involve it in decision making is the main purpose of the financial statement analysis. Decision making by different entities that are directly or indirectly involved ... be analyzed by financial statement analysis to make it more beneficial to shareholders, management, creditors and other concerned groups. Financial statement analysis is an analytical tool of determining ...

May, 2016 10 pages
Research Proposal- Impact of mobile phones on people in Kuwait (1500 words) US$ 30.00

... in recent times. There are various advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone. The mobile phone can be used to solve many issues and problems ... and texting. The usage of mobile phone is much in Kuwait. The main objective of current paper is to investigate the impact of mobile phone on person in Kuwait. (Verclas ...

May, 2016 10 pages
Research Proposal - Impact of social media on families in Kuwait (1500 words) US$ 30.00

Introduction: With the advancement in electronic communication and dominance of social media, the debate on this issue is enhanced. It influences greatly GCC countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc. Kuwait and many other countries has largely transform from simple deserted country to ...

May, 2016 6 pages
Research Project - THE CAUSES OF OBSCENITY IN KUWAIT (2700 words) US$ 54.00

... in Arab world as well as in Kuwait and determine the factors that cause people not to get involved in physical activities. The research used ... , family inheritance and because of hormonal imbalance were other main causes of obesity. It was also revealed that this is prevalent in women, people of high class and urban areas. The causes of not being involved in physical activity were said to be that participants ...

May, 2016 12 pages
Apple Inc- Case study (1200 words) US$ 30.00

Solved Case study of Apple Inc

May, 2016 4 pages
Jail in Kuwait (2000 words) US$ 40.00

... for short sentence. People may spend more than a year in a jail, jails run many programs like educational program, vocational program and ... a return visit.In our research essay, we have studied the conditions of jail in Kuwait. In addition, how the people are making their living in jails.

May, 2016 6 pages
Porter five forces model Airline industry Kuwait (1500 words) US$ 30.00

Porter model or matrixes presented by Michael E. Porter in 1979 that consists of five competitive forces that influence any industry and these competitive force assist in shaping any strategy ... and performance of the airline industry of the Kuwait, along with the five competitive forces of the porter’s model. The five competitive forces of the Porter’s Model are competitive rivalry, bargaining ...

May, 2016 5 pages
New product Marketing- Dove with Oud (2000 words) US$ 40.00

... and integrated strategy to market of the new product of dove “Dove oud scent soap”. In this report first the procedure to communicate about the product is elaborated. Then the ... explains the advertising, promotion of sales and trade, internet, relations with public for the sake of attaining those objective and ...

May, 2016 8 pages
Marketing Plan of Audi (2000 words) US$ 40.00

Audi is one of the sub divisions of Volkswagen, it has main office in Ingolstadt in ... are Audi (Q5, A 4, A3 and A5). In Kuwait the dealer is Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive and they deal in all products of Audi officially. In this report a detailed marketing plan of Audi ...

May, 2016 9 pages
Marketing Plan of Toyota (2000 words) US$ 40.00

During the last phase of 1955 the distributor contract were completed in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and some other countries that leads to the publicity of the cub exports. This report explains a detailed marketing plan of Toyota Kuwait

May, 2016 10 pages
Comparison of Periodic and Perpetual inventory systems (4000 words) US$ 54.00

... used first is a periodic inventory system and other is the perpetual inventory system. Between these two methods perpetual inventory system is most refined method that requires an extensive maintenance of records. This report elaborates a detailed comparison of two ...

May, 2016 11 pages
Research Report on Samsung in Kuwait (3000 words) US$ 54.00


May, 2016 16 pages
Detailed Marketing Process of Starbucks (2500 words) US$ 50.00

... is about the process of operations management at Starbucks Kuwait. The report will provide the general company information and then it will focus on marketing process of starbucks in delivering ...

May, 2016 12 pages
Detailed Note on Personal Financing (1500 words) US$ 30.00

... ‘to make an end or to settle a debt’. So from here it can be concluded that finance is the process of providing funds to an entity or dealing with large amount ... of work. Continueed.... (This is a rare report that explaines various aspects of personal fiannce)

May, 2016 9 pages
The Impact of Environmental Factors on Financial Statements (500 words) US$ 20.00

This report is rare, it describes the Impact of Environmental Factors on Financial Statements

May, 2016 3 pages
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