3G, 4G & LTE Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

3G and 4G (short for Third- and Fourth-Generation Network Technologies, respectively) refer to mobile communication standards specifying the way to use airwaves for conveying data, voice and multimedia information. Launched somewhat a dozen years ago, 3G networks introduced a noticeable progress compared to the former 2G (second-generation) wireless networks, offering data transfer rates at higher speeds. The offerings by 3G’s successor, 4G, are a bit more advanced including mobile ultra-fast broadband net access to various mobile communication facilities, worldwide web access, video teleconferencing, internet protocol (IP) telephony, etc.

Given the sprouting demand for content-rich apps and cellular communication services, 4G adoption worldwide is anticipated to quicken in future. The impending growth of 4G services rests upon more economic advantages this network can offer unlike 3G, and also its capability to be comfortably upgraded.

This Catalogue abounds with research reports homing in the 3G and 4G Market from the global perspective, with region- and country-specific market studies also available. The reports give clearer insights into 3G and 4G technology and market trends; drivers/challenges, risks and investments opportunities, projections, sales dynamics, business marketing strategies, regulatory issues. Coverage of market segmentation, share, size (value/volume), and growth tempos in the 3G and 4G Market are provided as well. Besides, the reports are enriched with 3G and 4G Market forecasts and vendors’ profiles.

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Global 5G Technology Market Research Report Forecast to 2025 US$ 4,450.00 US$ 4,005.00

... their interest in cutting edge remote innovations such as 5G. The global 5G technology market is required to catch a compound yearly development rate of 70.83% ... , and others. Regional analysis Geographically, the global 5G technology market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- ...

Jul, 2019 130 pages
5G Market in Aviation by End Use (5G Infrastructure for Aircraft and Airport), Technology (eMBB, FWA, URLLC/MMTC), Communication Infrastructure (Small Cell, DAS), 5G Services (Aircraft... US$ 5,650.00

... shared by connected aircraft across the globe is driving the market growth 5G market in aviation is projected to grow from USD 0.5 billion in 2021 ... Asia Pacific – 30%, Rest of the World – 5% Key players in the 5G market in aviation are Ericsson (Sweden), Nokia (Finland), Cisco Systems (US), Panasonic Avionics ...

Aug, 2019 131 pages
The potential of 5G fixed wireless access: Can 5G FWA rival FTTH? US$ 3,300.00

... answers to the following questions: What is FWA (fixed wireless access) and what level of service does ... ? What will the advent of 5G change for fixed wireless access? When will 5G FWA solutions become ... report also provides estimates of the 5G FWA market’s potential up to 2024, both worldwide and for the ...

Jul, 2019 31 pages
5G markets in North America – Dataset & report: Data & forecasts up to 2025 US$ 2,200.00

... the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in North America with the arrival of a the fifth mobile generation. It explores the ... by use case DATASET SCOPE Forecasts up to 2025 by country and region: North America Canada USA List of indicators Subscriptions and revenues broken down ...

Jul, 2019
5G in South Korea: Where Success Started for 5G US$ 550.00

All three of South Korea’s mobile operators – KT, SK Telecom and LG Uplus – have ... This report gives an overall view of 5G commercial in South Korea and responds the following questions: How South Korea became the first country to launch 5G? What ... led 5G a surge demand? How 5G will reach South Korean verticals?

Jul, 2019 27 pages
LTE and 5G Broadcast - Global Market Outlook (2017-2026) US$ 4,150.00

... , T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and ZTE. Technologies Covered: 5G Broadcast Long Term Evolution (LTE) Broadcast End Users Covered: Connected Cars Data Feeds & Notifications ...

Jun, 2019 176 pages
Top Ten 5G Chipset Companies US$ 995.00

... scope of this report is focused on selected top ten companies in 5G chipset, and the key areas in the field that are ... region Detailed profiles of the top 10 companies of the 5G chipset industry and explores the underlying technologies to ... presence, history and strategies of the 5G chipset companies

Jul, 2019 67 pages
Global Mobile Infrastructure - 5G Activity Escalates Around the World US$ 1,590.00

... infrastructure, 4G LTE coverage, government support, spectrum management and operator trials and testing. Regionally, Europe remains a global workhorse in the development of mobile ... boasts one of the world’s highest mobile penetration rates, substantial 4G LTE infrastructure and is considered one of the ...

Jul, 2019
How 5G will Affect Healthcare US$ 2,500.00

... and how those are likely to affect healthcare. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will be described. This will ... efficient; this too will be described in this report. This report is intended to enlighten manufacturers, product suppliers, healthcare providers, hospital systems ...

Jul, 2019 59 pages
5G deployments and rollouts: 5G has arrived, but aren’t these testing times? US$ 2,200.00

... and up-to-date report reviews recent 5G deployments and rollouts in some 11 countries. Through its international ... provider and network cooperation has boosted the rollout process together with the drive of ... media and entertainment. What’s new on the 5G deployment front? Which 5G countries are the most ahead ...

Jun, 2019 88 pages
Report on the Chinese market for 5G technology US$ 5,000.00

It takes 3-5 business days to dispatch the report after the purchase is made. By looking back on the development of mobile communication technology it is possible to pinpoint some key technologies for each generation. 1G utilized FDMA technology and was limited to providing voice connections. 2G utilized ...

Jun, 2019 206 pages
Global 5G Market Trends and Forecast - An Analysis of Present and Future of Technology US$ 1,200.00

... – commercially viability will not be fully realized. Scope of the Global 5G Market Trends and Forecast The report discusses the background of 5G technology and ... U.S.-China conflict for 5G supremacy. The report provides an overall market forecast for 5G industry and discusses the advantages of 5G technology ...

Jun, 2019 31 pages
Observations on 5G Industry Developments From Computex 2019 US$ 1,200.00

The Computex 2019 expo, held between May 28 and June 1 in Taipei, highlighted six major trends that have the potential to transform the 5G industry as it enters its first year of commercialization. These are: 5G edge computing, 5G-connected notebooks, new 5G routers, fast 5G networking with XR (Mixed Reality) ...

Jun, 2019 9 pages
Global 5G Chipset Market US$ 5,500.00

... tables and 60 additional tables Descriptive study with a trend analysis of the global 5G chipset market Analyses of global market trends with data from 2018, estimates for 2019 ...

Jun, 2019 218 pages
5G Technology - Global Market Outlook (2017-2026) US$ 4,150.00

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global 5G Technology Market is accounted for $33.67 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $3482.89 billion by ... such as the U.S. and Canada. Some of the key players in global 5G technology market are Broadcom Corporation, Telecom Italia, Ericsson, Orange S.A, Qualcomm Inc ...

May, 2019 162 pages
LTE and 5G Broadcast Market by Technology (LTE Broadcast, 5G Broadcast) and End-Use (Video on demand (VOD), Mobile TV, Connected Cars, Emergency Alerts, Stadiums, E-Newspapers And E-... US$ 5,650.00

... is estimated to hold the largest size of the LTE and 5G broadcast market. LTE and 5G broadcast is used for multiple use cases such as digital ... number of additional subscribers. This research report segments the LTE and 5G broadcast market based on offering, monitoring process, deployment, industry, and ...

May, 2019 133 pages
Global 5G Tariff Tracker US$ 1,260.00

OVERVIEW Telecomspricing already providing 3G and 4G pricing now tracks 5G tariffs worldwide. It provides pricing information on all of the 5G services commercially launched by ...

Jun, 2019
5G IoT Market by Connection, Radio Technology (5G NR Standalone and 5G NR Non-Standalone Architecture), Range (Short- and Wide-Range IoT Devices), Vertical (Manufacturing, Energy &... US$ 5,650.00

... low latency connectivity is one of the drivers for the 5G IoT market Ultra-low ... connections need faster and reliable network services. Among range, the short-range IoT devices segment is expected to account for the highest market ... (Canada) Research Coverage The 5G IoT market has been segmented based on radio ...

Apr, 2019 101 pages
Global 5G Infrastructure Market US$ 3,950.00

... factors that limiting the market growth of 5G Infrastructure across the globe. The regional analysis of Global 5G Infrastructure Market is considered for the ... period – 2018 to 2025 Target Audience of the Global 5G Infrastructure Market in Market Study: Key Consulting Companies & Advisors Large, medium-sized ...

Apr, 2019 200 pages
5G Enterprise Market by Access Equipment (Radio Node, Service Node, DAS), Core Network Technology (SDN, NFV), Services (Platform, Software), Organization Size (SME, Large Enterprises),... US$ 5,650.00

... Coverage: The report describes the 5G enterprise market and related developments in the market in terms of access equipment, core network technology, services, ... for the 5G enterprise market have been detailed in this report. Illustrative segmentation, analysis, and forecast based on access equipment, core ...

Mar, 2019 191 pages
5G Video: Game-changer, market-booster of the decade US$ 3,300.00

... profiles (media, Internet and telcos). Finally, the report details 5G video revenues market forecasts up to 2030, broken down on a worldwide basis by source ... of revenues (FWA pay-TV offers, 5G pay- and advertising-based video services) ...

Mar, 2019 59 pages
Global 5G Services Market - Forecasts from 2018 to 2023 US$ 3,950.00

The global 5G services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.32% over the forecast period of 2017-2023. The market is still in its nascent stage and is witnessing ... Group, Telenor, and Swisscom among others. Segmentation The global 5G services market is segmented by end users and geography. By End Users ...

Oct, 2018 95 pages
Development of 5G Industrial IoT and Global Chipmakers' Product Strategies (Pre-order) US$ 1,800.00

... , compared with the current mainstream technologies used for industrial IoT such as industrial Ethernet, 5G is not particularly appealing to enterprises ... of 5G technology in the industrial IoT, compares it with the current industrial IoT technologies, and examines the IoT product strategies of Qualcomm and ...

Mar, 2019 18 pages
5G Infrastructure Market by Communication Infrastructure (Small Cell, Macro Cell, Radio Access Network, and Distributed Antenna Network), Network Technology (Software Defined Networking &... US$ 5,370.00

... provide lucrative opportunities for the market growth. The 5G infrastructure market is segmented into communication infrastructure, network technology, chipset type ... and suppliers in the industry. 5G INFRASTRUCTURE MARKET SEGMENTATION: BY COMMUNICATION INFRASTRUCTURE Small Cell Macro Cell Radio Access Network ...

Feb, 2019 326 pages
Global 5G Market (2019-2025) US$ 2,950.00

... the rollout of 5G technology by the end of 2019. The global 5G market is expected to reach $277 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 111% during 2019-2025. Based on the types of connection, the ...

Mar, 2019 90 pages
5G & Profitability: Market Variables Shaping Rollouts US$ 2,200.00

5G is coming at a time when mobile data use shows no signs of waning, in markets where value is not always easy to maintain. 5G also ushers in new ... use? Does the economic equation hold up in terms of value in a mobile market that is mature – if not saturated – in some countries?

Jan, 2019 20 pages
Global 5G Technology Industry Market Research Report US$ 2,960.00 Jan, 2019 119 pages
5G Chipset Market by IC Type (ASIC, RFIC, Cellular IC, and mmWave IC), Operational Frequency (Sub 6GHz, Between 26 & 39 GHz, and Above 39 GHz), Product (Devices, Customer Premises... US$ 5,370.00

... 2020‐2026. The report includes the study of the global 5G chipset market with respect to the growth prospects and restraints based on the ... Technologies AG. Key Benefits for 5G Chipset Market: This study comprises an analytical depiction of the global 5G chipset market with the current trends and future ...

Dec, 2018 333 pages
5G Licences: How 5G is Altering Frequency Allocations US$ 3,300.00

... criteria for assessing a frequency band’s value? What will 5G change in how frequencies are valued? What do preliminary results inside and outside ...

Dec, 2018 27 pages
5G: Review of 5G Technology Readiness and Commercialization US$ 3,495.00

5G: Review of 5G Technology Readiness and Commercialization SUMMARY '5G: Review of 5G Technology Readiness and Commercialization', is a Global Outlook Report by ... technology underpinning the move toward deployment of 5G networks. The report focuses on key developments across the radio, core and transport network ...

Mar, 2019 45 pages
Mobile 5G Commercialization: Market Demand and Service Revenue Forecast US$ 1,195.00

... regional profiles are presented - North America, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa - analysing the 2018-2023 mobile 5G adoption forecasts, growth drivers and revenue opportunity. This section also ...

Sep, 2018 21 pages
5G: Fixed Wireless - An Early 5G Use Case US$ 3,495.00

... commercial 5G. Fixed-wireless access (FWA) offers a way for operators to begin offering 5G services ahead of full standards and the availability of 5G%li%enabled mobile devices.5G FWA offers ...

Sep, 2018 31 pages
5G - Thematic Research US$ 3,995.00

5G - Thematic Research SUMMARY The hype around 5G has been building for so ...

Jul, 2018 37 pages
Global Markets for 5G Technologies US$ 5,500.00

... The technology that underpins 5G promises to greatly expand the amount of data that can be processed using mobile devices. Its applications will ... and marketing declarations. Industry participants, especially mobile network operators, are motivated by the declining opportunities for growth from 4G technology ...

Jun, 2018 74 pages
Supply-Side Strategies: from LTE to 5G: Using QoS and Customisation to Leverage New Opportunities US$ 3,300.00

... the United States, this report looks at the latest developments in LTE products, on the eve of 5G rollouts, along with the different ... of the latest developments in LTE products, notably since the previous report on this topic. It analyses operators’ different supply-side strategies and identifies recent trends ...

Jun, 2018 58 pages
The 2G & 3G Shutdowns: The raft of rationales US$ 3,300.00

... , LTE reached its mid-stream and 5G is heating up. 2G networks started to be shutdown in Asia and in the USA. Some European MNOs announced plans ...

May, 2018 57 pages
5G Commercialization: Technology and Competitive Vendor Landscape Assessment US$ 3,495.00

... network slicing requires adoption of the Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for the 5G core. SBA represents a radical change in network design. The reference architecture for SBA ... 5G market. SCOPE In the radio access network (RAN), the 3GPP, which defines cellular technologies and drives the process of ...

Mar, 2018 34 pages
Global 5G Markets (2020-2025) US$ 2,950.00

... the demand and business frameworks needed by and beyond 2020; but it is not without its disruptions. In ... reach a value of USD 251 billion by 2025. Key Growth Factors The main driver of ... 2G generations Recognize major competitors' business and market dynamics, and respond accordingly Customizations Available With ...

Jan, 2018 127 pages
South Africa: 4G Expansion and Fiber Deployment Creates Opportunities for Multiplay Offerings US$ 2,350.00 US$ 1,500.00

... the expansion of 4G services and rollout of fiber networks across the country. Key Findings The overall telecom service revenue in South Africa is ... dominated by Vodacom and MTN South Africa. Operators will continue to invest in fixed and mobile networks focusing on network expansion to roll out next- ...

Jan, 2018 121 pages
China 5G Industry Research Report US$ 1,200.00

China has become one of the leaders of the 5G technology, standard, industry ... according to the 5G international standard. The 5G market research report analyzes China adoption trends, future growth potentials, key drivers, competitive outlook ...

Jan, 2017 135 pages
4G LTE: Current State, Spectrum Holding and Market Scenario in Asia-Pacific - September 2017 US$ 2,500.00

“4G LTE: Current State, Spectrum Holding and Market Scenario in Asia-Pacific” ... : 1. The report provides a summarized version of spectrum holdings of leading telcos across various frequency bands-including ... bands and Service type offered on each of these spectrum bands has also been provided in tabular format. ...

Sep, 2017 119 pages
4G LTE: Current State, Spectrum Holding and Market Scenario in Africa & Middle East - November 2017 US$ 2,500.00

“4G LTE: Current State, Spectrum Holding and Market Scenario in Middle East & Africa” – November 2017 ... and Mobile Broadband subscription trends. Summarized version of the global LTE deployment trends has also been discussed in the report. It also ...

Nov, 2017 132 pages
4G in Latin America: Data-Hungry Apps and More Affordable Smartphones to Sustain Strong Growth Momentum US$ 1,195.00

4G in Latin America: Data-Hungry Apps and More Affordable Smartphones to Sustain Strong Growth Momentum SUMMARY '4G in Latin America: Data-Hungry Apps and More Affordable Smartphones to Sustain ... -year forecast of key mobile broadband metrics including 4G adoption and mobile data, developed using GlobalData’s ...

Sep, 2017 40 pages
5G Monetisation: Will Gigabit LTE and 5G bring higher revenues? US$ 3,300.00

This study on the monetisation of 4G and 5G first examines how 4G is currently monetised by MNOs given that this is a key challenge ... whole. It then explores in depth the paths to monetising 5G and how to avoid the traps and pitfalls encountered ... by 5G. Finally, it analyses three scenarios for 5G monetisation.

Sep, 2017 61 pages
4G LTE: Current State, Spectrum Holding and Market Scenario in Asia-Pacific US$ 2,500.00

“4G LTE: Current State, Spectrum Holding and Market Scenario in Asia-Pacific” ... included: The report provides a summarized version of spectrum holdings of leading telcos across various frequency bands-including ... and Service type offered on each of these spectrum bands has also been provided in tabular format. ...

Apr, 2017 119 pages
2017 Global 5G Device Industry Report US$ 4,000.00 138 pages
2017 Global 4G Phones Industry Report US$ 4,000.00 140 pages
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