Demand-Supply Imbalance in the Global Fiber Glass Industry

Date: April 23, 2009
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Demand-Supply Imbalance in the Global Fiber Glass Industry
Fiber Glass market, both insulated as well as composites, is a part of the glass industry. Over the years, this industry has maintained a steady growth rate and is largely characterized as a market, where “demand exceeds supply”. In the recent years, the demand for durable, light-weight and non-corrosive components has increased and this has fuelled the growth of the fiber glass industry.

Recent years has seen the expansion of the fiber glass industry in both basic and high-tech industries such as construction, automotive, aircraft, electronics, among others. Although, construction is the largest market, the production companies due to the recent US housing market crisis have increased their marketing focus on other industries. Apart form this, the global demand for clean energy and infrastructure up-gradation is also expected to boost the composite fiber glass industry’s growth in the future.

Geographically, the US is the largest market for fiber glass, both in terms of consumption as well as production. In Europe, Germany is the largest producer of reinforcement fiber glass, followed by France and Italy. Among the emerging markets, China is the largest fiber glass producers and in the next few years, in terms of consumption, the country’s demand is expected to surpass that of the US. Due to government investments (infrastructure), the emerging markets including India and Brazil are anticipated to record an increase in demand for composite fiber glass products.

Owens Corning is regarded as the global market leader, particularly in the glass fiber reinforcement materials for composites. With the acquisition of Saint Gobain’s reinforcements and composite fabric businesses, the company has redefined the fiber glass market. However, in the recent months China Fiberglass has also consolidated its market position, through both acquisitions as well as introduction of new production lines. Presently, China Fiberglass in the second largest player in the global fiber glass market.

The report analyzes the two main segments of the fiber glass industry - insulated as well as composites and assesses opportunities available for the players. The drivers, opportunities and challenges for the industry have also been analyzed. Further, the report highlights the positioning and strategies of the major global fiber glass manufacturers – Owens Corning, China Fiberglass and PPG Industries.


1.1 Introduction to Fiber Glass
1.2 Product Categories


2.1 Global Fiber Glass Market
2.2 Fiber Glass Market: Geographical Segmentation
  2.2.1 United States
  2.2.2 Europe
  2.2.3 Fiber Glass Market in China


Global Energy Demand
Increasing Use of Composite Pipes
Diverse Industry Applications
Growth of the US Insulation Market


Adverse Macroeconomic & Business Conditions
Cyclical Nature of End-Use Markets
Investments in Research and Development
Raw Material Costs



6.1 Owens Corning
Company Description
Business Strategies
6.2 China Fiber Glass
Company Description
Business Strategies
6.3 PPG
Company Description
Business Strategies



Figure 2.1 Worldwide Fiber Glass Market Sales: (2004 – 2008)
Figure 2.2 Global Composite Fiber Glass Market Share by Region (2006)
Figure 2.3 Composite Fiber Glass Market Growth Rate (CAGR 2003 - 2007)
Figure 2.4 US Insulation Fiber Glass Demand (2002 - 2012E)
Figure 2.5 US Fiber Glass Thermoset Composite Shipments (2002 - 2006)
Figure 2.6 US Insulation Demand by Material (2007)
Figure 2.7 US Insulation Demand by Market (2007)
Figure 2.8 US Fiber Glass Thermoset Composites, By End Use Application (2006)
Figure 2.9 EU Reinforcement Fiber Glass Production: (2005 - 2007)
Figure 2.10 Europe composite Fiber Glass Production (%) by Process (2006)
Figure 3.1 World Marketed Energy Consumption (2005 - 2030E)
Figure 3.2 Global Fiber Glass Composites Demand (2008E)
Figure 3.3 Total US Energy Use (2007)
Figure 4.1 China Fiberglass: Production Input Costs (%) (2007)
Figure 5.1 Worldwide Cumulated Wind Power Installation (MW): (2001 - 2007)
Figure 5.2 Market Share by Region (Wind Power-New Installation): 2007
Figure 5.3 Market Share Forecast by Region: 2012 (Wind Power - New Installation)
Figure 5.4 Global Wind Market Forecast-New Installation (MW): (2007 - 2012E)
Figure 6.1 Owens Corning: Revenue Growth (2005 - 2008)
Figure 6.2 Owens Corning: Composition of Synergies (2008)
Figure 6.3 China Fiberglass: Revenue Growth (2005 - 2008)
Figure 6.4 PPG Industries: Glass Segment; Revenue Growth (2004 - 2008)
Figure 7.1 Global Fiber Glass Market Growth Forecast: (2008A – 2011E)
Table 2.11 Fiberglass Output, Demand and Demand Growth Margin in China: (2006-2010)
Table 2.1 Major EU Fiber Glass Producers; Tonnes: (2002 – 2007)
Table 4.1 International Car Sales Outlook: Million Units (2007 – 2009E)
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Demand-Supply Imbalance in the Global Fiber Glass Industry
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