Fibers & Tissues Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Fibers are the basic material for producing yarn, with the latter often being used to make household textiles and furnishings. Fibers are primarily categorized by source, structure and composition, as well as usage. For instance, there are two fiber types – natural and manmade (or manufactured). Natural fibers are fully biodegradable, whereas man-made fibers are usually obtained from synthetic materials.

Tissue products usually include a high ratio of recycled fibers (almost 60%), inasmuch as they are disposables. In a perfect and environmentally healthy world, tissues should be fully composed of recycled content.

The Fibers and Tissues Market is improving steadily, underpinned by an increase in global textile trade volumes, production transfer to low-cost regions, consumer confidence levels’ restoration, textiles demand recovery, and increasing potential of developing markets. The ever-rising man-made fiber consumption is expected to fuel the market’s further growth in the short run.

The Catalogue comprises the research reports that give a 360 degree panorama of the Fibers and Tissues Market. The research reports delve deep into analyses of the Fibers and Tissues Market’s sizing and shape, performed on the worldwide scale with a separate look at different regions and countries. Company and renowned brand reviews, and insights into the primary factors shaping the market are included; as well as the course of the Fibers and Tissues Market and Industry development is projected in the research reports.

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2017 Global Denim Industry Report US$ 4,000.00 143 pages
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