Leather Goods Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The leather goods category comprises an extensive variety of items made of different leather types – be it pig, cow, sheep or artificial leather, among others. Bags, wallets, belts, suitcases, hand gloves, trench coats are the key products available on the market for leather goods. Natural leather goods are notable for their durability, relative waterproofness and resistance to dry abrasion. Nevertheless, some buyers prefer artificial leather goods. A lower price level, new production technologies enabling to improve quality attract the increasing number of purchasers. Besides, artificial leather is especially loved by people concerned over animal extinction.

Italy and China are today the leaders of the world leather goods trade. The USA, Germany, Italy and the UK are amid top ten buying countries. The market for leather goods plays a significant role in the economy of such countries as India and China.

The research reports available in the Catalogue provide detailed analyses of world, regional and local markets for leather goods. The reports offer data on the key drivers, risks and mechanisms of the industry. The research studies provide detailed statistics on supply and demand trends, growth dynamics. Besides, profiles of the market participants and future forecasts can be also found in the reports.