China Medium Density Fiberboard Industry Report, 2009

Date: March 23, 2010
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China Medium Density Fiberboard Industry Report, 2009
MDF, short for Medium Density Fiberboard, has a thickness of 450-880kg/cubic meter and gets primarily applied in such industries as furniture, building & decoration, wood flooring, packaging, and electronic processing, of which the furniture is the biggest consumer of medium density fiberboard in China, a 65% share in total consumption.

With rapid development of real estate sector in recent five years, China’s furniture and flooring manufacturing both have increased at double-digit growth rate, leaving vast space for high-speed development of MDF in China. During 2005-2009, the output and sales of MDF in China reached 26% and 17% respectively. As of 2009, MDF output and sales got to 41.52 million cubic meters and 38.48 million cubic meters separately, up 16.7% and 8.7% yr-on-yr.

However, the sales growth of MDF has lagged far behind its output in China, and it is required export to balance excess production capacity. The year of 2009 witnessed weak domestic demand and sharp drop in export caused by global economic downturn, and Chinese MDF companies suffered severe loss. Thus, efforts should be made in China’s MDF industry to control backward production capacity strictly and to speed up the optimization and upgrading of industry structure in the future.

1.1 Forest Resources
  1.1.1 Overview
  1.1.2 Development of Fast-growing and High-yielding Forest
  1.1.3 Supply and Demand
1.2 Man-made Board Industry
  1.2.1 Supply and Demand
  1.2.2 Investment Risks
1.3 MDF Industry
  1.3.1 Operation
  1.3.2 MDF
1.4 Policy Environment


2.1 Competition Features
2.2 Regional Market Layout
2.3 Profitability
2.4 Technology
  2.4.1 Hot Pressing Technology
  2.4.2 Hot Grinding Technology
  2.4.3 Glue Technology
2.5 Relevance of Upstream and Downstream Sectors
  2.5.1 Upstream Raw Materials
  2.5.2 Downstream Application
2.6 Entry Barrier
  2.6.1 Restrictive Policy Barrier
  2.6.2 Raw Materials Barrier
  2.6.3 Financial Barriers
2.7 Development Trend


3.1 Global MDF Supply
3.2 China’s MDF Supply
3.3 Demand of Global Market
3.4 Demand of China’s Market
3.5 Industry Supply & Demand
3.6 Price


4.1 Favorable Factors
  4.1.1 National Policy Support
  4.1.2 Increasingly Improved Industry Management System
  4.1.3 Rapid Development of Relevant Industries
  4.1.4 Substitution of Raw Materials
  4.1.5 Product Upgrading and Technology Substitution
4.2 Unfavorable Factors
  4.2.1Shortage of Raw Materials Source
  4.2.2 A Low Level of Technology and Equipment
  4.2.3 Imbalance of Product Variety Structure
  4.2.4 Imperfect Industry Rules and Irregular Market Competition
  4.2.5 MDF Quality to be Improved
  4.2.6 A Big Demand for Funds and Long Cycle in Forecast Operation


5.1 Dare Technology Group
  5.1.1 Company Profile
  5.1.2 Main Business Revenue & Profit
  5.1.3 Competitiveness
5.2 Guangdong Weihua Co., Ltd
  5.2.1 Company Profile
  5.2.2 Operation Ability
  5.2.3 Competitive Advantages
5.3 Fujian Yong’an Forestry Co., Ltd
  5.3.1 Company Profile
  5.3.2 Operation
  5.3.3 Key Projects
5.4 Others
  5.4.1 Zhejiang Lvyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd
  5.4.2 Zhejiang Liren Wood Group Co., Ltd
  5.4.3 Shanghai Green Continent Investment Co., Ltd
  5.4.4 Guangxi Gaolin Manmade Board Group
  5.4.5 Shandong Heyou Group Co., Ltd
  5.4.6 Guangxi Sanwei Forestry Industry (Group) Co., Ltd
  5.4.7 Shanghai Jiecheng Baihe Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd
  5.4.8 Foshan Shunde Shunlong Wood Co., Ltd
  5.4.9 Nanhai Jiashun Wood Co., Ltd
  5.4.10 Guangdong Wulian Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd


Afforestation Area in China, 2005-2009
Fast-growing and High-yielding Forest Structure
China’s Output of Man-made Boards, 2003-2009
Output of Main Man-made Board Products, 2003-2009
Trend of Changes in Main Manmade Board Product Mix
China’s Export of Forestry Products, Q1-Q3, 2009
China’s Import of Forestry Products, Q1-Q3, 2009
China’s Total Fiberboard Output Capacity, 2001-2008
China’s Total Output Capacity by Region, 2001-2008
Market Distribution of Medium (High) Density Fiberboard
Laminate Flooring and Solid Wood Flooring Output, 2005-2009
China’s MDF Newly-added Output Capacity, 2008-2009
China’s MDF Output, 2005-2009
China’s MDF Output Growth Rate, 2006-2009
China’s Fiberboard Consumption, 2005-2009
China’s Fiberboard Consumption Growth, 2006-2009
China’s MDF Sales Volume, 2005-2009
China’s MDF Supply and Demand Relationship, 2005-2009
China’s MDF Price Statistics, 2006-2010
China’s MDF Price Changes, 2006-2010
Main Business Revenue and Profit of Dare Technology Group by Industry
Main Business Revenue and Profit of Dare Technology Group by Product
Main Business Revenue and Profit of Dare Technology Group by Region
Operating Activities and Industrial Operation of Dare Technology Group Accounting for over 10% of Business Revenue or Total Profit, 2008
Production Scale of Guangdong Weihua
Main Business Revenue Ratios of Guangdong Weihua, 1H 2009
Operating Revenue of Guangdong Weihua, 2008-2009
Net Profits of Guangdong Weihua, 2008-2009
Main Business Revenue of Fujian Yong’an Forestry, 2008-2009
Quarterly Operating Revenue of Fujian Yong’an Forestry, 2008-2009
Quarterly Net Profit of Fujian Yong’an Forestry, 2008-2009
Production Flow of Lvyuan Wood Industry
Main Economic Indices of Jiecheng Baihe MDF Production Line
Economic Indices of Jiecheng Baihe 50000m3/year Flakeboard Production Line
Organization Structure of Foshan Shunde Shunlong Wood
Physical-Mechanical Performance of MDF Products of Nanhai Jiashun Wood
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China Medium Density Fiberboard Industry Report, 2009
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