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Dairy Products China News 2209

September 2022 | 21 pages | ID: D9DB5580D86EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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Welcome to the September issue of Dairy Products China News.

As China's 20th National People's Congress approaches, it will be on the leaders' minds that the country faces immense challenges looking forward. To name just two, these include how to counter core economic problems (slowing growth rates, Evergrande) and how to address huge emerging health problems. Predictably, the former is concerning a world which has become over-reliant on China's growth. The latter was predictable long ago also, with veritable "epidemics" of non-communicable diseases set to have an even greater impact on the country in the future than the recent pandemic. Some forecast the 1.4 billion population shrinking to 1 billion by 2100.

As one economist has noted, health problems mean economic problems – and we know that both are issues that politicians worldwide like to defer for future generations. Nevertheless, throw in food security and that's three enormous talking points for the conference, without even getting to climate change, war etc.

The Chinese dairy sector continues to do its bit in respect of food security – this month's weakening milk price which will mean problem for the smaller milk producers especially comes after 8.4% growth in milk production in H1 and the ongoing costly imports of additional dairy cattle. However, it also follows a period of weak demand and dramatically sagging import volumes. As we can see in their recent financial reports, lower demand has had a clear impact on some of the recent results of China's dairy businesses, with the country's infant formula sales down by 4% in H1 by Nielsen data. Sales and import trends provide a sobering counter-narrative to the 5% growth in local FMCG sales and 9% growth in E-commerce sales in the 12 weeks to 12th August 2022 recorded by Kantar.

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Editor's Note
Market Analysis
Yantan Dairy's H1 Results
Project Progress by Inner Mongolia Shengmu and Anmu Dairy
H1 Performance of Three Listed IMF Firms
Governmental Direction
China Issues 3 Year Action Plan for Cheese
Jilin Publishes Subsidy Schedules for Local Dairy Sector
Company Dynamics
Yili Announces Record H1 Results
China Shengmu Reports Slower Profit Growth for H1
Mengniu & Yashili Report Formulae Slump for H1
H1 Performance of Two Regional Enterprises—New Hope Dairy & Bright Dairy
Raw Milk Price
Milk Prices Remain Low
News in Brief
Dairy Imports in August 2022
Revised Bacterium Strain Lists for Food and Infant Food
Ruoergai Treasure of Plateau's Yak IF Plant Starts 2nd Phase Construction
Nestl? Promises to End Promotion of Stage 1 Formula in 2023
Babemax Reports Topline Growth in H1
China's Barred Dairy Products in August
Chobani Yoghurt Debuts in China
Nine Yili IMF Registrations Approved
Two Dairy Cattle Batches Arrived China in Sept.
Weiyang Diary Receives Approval for New Production lines

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