Survey of HIS in Japan

Date: February 23, 2011
Pages: 16
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Publisher: Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)
Report type: Strategic Report
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Survey of HIS in Japan
Description: CCM has finished a market report named Survey of High Intensity Sweeteners in Asia Pacific in Feb. 2011. In order to meet clients’different demands and provide more low-price products, we separated it into many sub-reports with different specific themes. Survey of High Intensity Sweetener in Indonesia is one of the sub-reports.

High Intensity Sweeteners (HIS), have been popular since the production cost decrease in recent years and sucrose gradually substituted by HIS in the production of end-use products, for instance, stevioside as nature-sweetener which is regarded as one of the most safest sugar-substitute has been rapidly promoted in the worldwide in 2009, approval of rebaudioside A by the French Food Safety Authority (AFFSA), which is deemed as the opportunity to explore the whole European market. Indonesia is one of the most important HIS suppliers, playing a significant role in Asia Pacific market, thus the situations of this region are most concerned.

This sub-report will penetrate six main aspects for Indonesia HIS situation: production and producers, demand and end-use segments, trade situation, etc. For example, production and producer sector will include data as below: output, producer basic information, producer capacity and output volume price of HIS 2009-2010.

You will benefit intelligence from this sub-report as follows:

1 Acquire overview of Indonesia’s high intensity sweetener market intelligence
2 Get environment of industrial development, like policies, other substitutes, consumption habits, etc.
3 Acquaintance about market of major 7 categories of HIS: stevia sweetener, Cyclamate, aspartame, saccharin, etc.
4 Find out where Indonesia market will go next and how your business can be involved in
5 Better understanding of Indonesia’s market dynamic: production, end-use segment, trade situation, demand, etc.

1.1 Brief introduction
1.2 Policies and key influencing factors
1.3 Production and producers
  1.3.1 Aspartame
  1.3.2 Stevia sweetener
  1.3.3 Acesulfame-K
1.4 Demand and end-use segments
  1.4.1 Saccharin
  1.4.2 Acesulfame-K
  1.4.3 Stevia sweetener
  1.4.4 Aspartame
  1.4.5 Sucralose
  1.4.6 Glycyrrhizin
1.5 Trade situation
  1.5.1 Saccharin
  1.5.2 Acesulfame-K
  1.5.3 Stevia sweetener
  1.5.4 Aspartame
  1.5.5 Sucralose
  1.5.6 Glycyrrhizin
1.6 Forecast on demand for H1S
  1.6.1 Influencing factors
  1.6.2 Barriers
  1.6.3 Future on demand for H1S in Japan


Ajinomoto Japan Co., Ltd., Kitama Corporation Ltd., Morita Kagagu Kogyo Co., Ltd., Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., Ltd., Ikeda Tohka Industries Co., Ltd.
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Survey of HIS in Japan
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