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Nutritional and Dietary Supplements Market in China - Demand for Herbal Supplements

August 2011 | 38 pages | ID: N6F810030BBEN
Ken Research Private Ltd

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The health food industry is witnessing growth globally. Growing need to stay healthy and rising membership of gyms and health clubs is driving the demand for nutritional supplements across the world. Annually, China’s health food and products consumption amounts to USD 120 billion.

China is offering many opportunities and strong potential for the supplements industry, especially calcium and protein. Chinese supplement industry is developing and the country offers good investment opportunities driven by the fast-paced economic growth, expanding upper middle class and increasing disposable income. Moreover, the industry is also seeing a rise in mergers/ acquisitions.

Rising income level, urbanization, growing interest in sports along with growing desire to stay healthy and obesity issues has worked as a driving factor for nutrient and supplement industry in China. Supplement industry in the region was even resilient in the phase of recession and showed a positive performance in 2010.

The report on “China Nutrition & Dietary Supplements Industry” includes a detailed study of the nutrition & supplements industry of the country. We have also analyzed the industry and its various categories/ segments and trends prevailing in the market. The report also includes the industry and forecast of its various segments. Additionally, we have discussed cause and effect relationship of macroeconomic and industry factors on the industry providing the basis for the future outlook.

Scope of the Report
  • The report gives a detailed analysis of China’s Nutrition & Dietary Supplements Industry including insights on past market performance, demand by segmentation, present analyses and future outlook of the industry.
  • The report discusses the regulatory environment prevailing in China and also assesses the industry trends and developments.
  • Discusses the positioning of the industry players and their market share which helps to assess scope for new and existing players.
  • China’s herbal supplements are very popular worldwide, which increases the export opportunities for domestic herbal supplements manufacturers.

1.1. Industry Overview
1.2. Market Size
  1.2.1. By Segments
  1.2.2. Scope for New Entrants
  1.2.3. Whey Protien Demand
  1.2.4. Sports Nutrition
  1.2.5. Herbal Supplements
  1.2.6. China Vitamin Demand Vitamin E Vitamin C


2.1. Implication for Dietary Supplements Manufacturers
2.2. Invetsment Opportunities in China Supplement Industry
2.3. Deals, Mergers/ Acquisitions
2.4. Regulations
2.5. Issues in Approval for Chinese Herbal Medicines in the US
2.6. China to Set Restrictions on Investment in Vitamin C Sector


3.1. GDP Recovery and Growth
3.2. Import/ Export
3.3. Population and Literacy Rate
  3.3.1 Literacy Rate


4.1. Rapidly Aging Population
4.2. Disposable Income
4.3. Prevelance of Cardiovascular Disease
4.4. Focus on Weight Management


5.1. North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (NCPC)
  5.1.1. Company Overview
  5.1.2. Financial Performance
  5.1.3. Recent Developments
5.2. DSM
  5.2.1. Company Overview
  5.2.2. Financial Performance
  5.2.3. Recent Developments
5.3. BASF
  5.3.1. Company Overview
  5.3.2. Financial Performance
  5.3.3. Recent Developments


6.1. Forecast Methodology
  6.1.1. Data Collection Methods
  6.1.2 Approach
  6.1.3 Reasons for the Dependent and Independent Variables
  6.1.4 Multi Factor Based Sensitivity Model
  6.1.5 Regression Matrix
  6.1.6 Final Conclusion
6.2. Abbreviations
6.3. Disclaimer


Figure 1: Nutrition Supplements Purchase Behavior (2010)
Figure 2: China Nutritional and Dietary Supplements Market by Value (2003-2015F)
Figure 3: China Amino-based Nutritional Supplement Market (2003-2010)
Figure 4: Top Categories in Nutraceutical Industry in China by Value (2010)
Figure 5: Amino-based Nutritional Supplements Approved by SFDA (2003-2009)
Figure 6: China Herbal Supplements Demand by value (2003-2015F)
Figure 7: China Vitamin Market by Value (2003-2015F)
Figure 8: China Gross Domestic Product (2003-2010)
Figure 9: China GDP (Purchasing power parity) (2003-2010)
Figure 10: China Population (2003-2010)
Figure 11: China Literacy Rate (2003-2010)
Figure 12: China Urban per capita Disposable Income (2003-2010)
Figure 13: DSM Revenues by Business Segments in 2010
Figure 14: BASF Sales by First Customer Industry in 2010


Table 1: Import & Export Statistics (Jan to May 2011)
Table 2: Vitamin Import Data in China in January 2010
Table 3: BASF Financials (2009&2010)
Table 4: BASF Financials by Business Segments (2009&2010)
Table 5: Dependent & Independent Variables (2003-2010)
Table 6: Correlation Matrix
Table 7: Regression Coefficients output

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