Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2012, 9th Edition

Date: January 23, 2012
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Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2012, 9th Edition
As in previous editions of this publication, the goal of Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook 2012 is to identify and discuss the flavor and ingredient trends expected to have a major impact in the near future on food consumed both at home and away.

The economic picture for 2012 appears muted at best. Feeling the squeeze, both the employed and out-of-work will continue to practice the frugal behaviors adopted during the Great Recession of 2008, while also attempting to incorporate healthy food choices into their daily routines. Seeking to overcome the boredom of extended frugality, consumers will especially value creative attempts by manufacturers, retailers, and foodservice operators to affordably introduce variety, comfort and indulgence to their taste experiences.

Key Drivers

The unemployment rate, expected to remain high or approach double digits if the country slips back into recession, will be the biggest factor affecting the economy and consumer confidence in 2012. Wage stagnation, high gas prices, higher food prices, continued decline in home values and European financial woes contributed to eroding consumer confidence that encouraged honing frugal purchasing habits in the second half of 2011.

For the foodservice sector in particular, consumer confidence will be crucial in 2012. As Baby Boomers worry more about retirement and cut back on eating out, some foodservice operators will increasingly focus on the preferences of Millennials and Next Generations for driving trends.

When it comes to food at home and away, consumer frugality continues to manifest itself in ever more ways that include shopping from a list, buying less, trading down, using coupons, delaying and combining trips to cut back on gasoline usage, forgoing impulse buying and even small discretionary purchases, and doing more shopping at bulk food stores and dollar stores. In addition, 2012 is likely to see continued paycheck-cycle shopping, whereby consumers buy large quantities right after getting paid, and then switch to buying smaller package sizes as money starts to run out.

The protracted economic doldrums of the last few years have resulted in more ways for consumers to trade down. In addition to switching to private label brands, smaller, cheaper packages of favorite branded items are increasingly available. And consumers will continue to seek out deals and new value offerings.

As consumer budgets shrink further, products that were once considered essentials are now luxury items.

Spending on kids, typically resilient during recessions, has been showing signs of declining. The data suggest that consumers are both reducing purchases and trading down to less expensive private label brands.

The coming year will see more food manufacturers and retailers targeting the growing numbers of high and low end consumers instead of focusing on the shrinking middle class. Much of this is the result of shrinking budgets of the former middle class, now planting them squarely in the group of low income consumers.

Key Drivers
  Forever Frugal and Trading Down
  The Downwardly Mobile Middle Class
  Going to Extremes
A Look Back and Ahead
Ethnic and Regional Enticements
Produce Predominates
Trend Watching 2012
Flavor and Ingredient Crossovers
Making Healthy Easier
Beverages Breaking Through
Protein: Lean and Luscious
Sexy Sandwiches
Sweet Treats


Beyond Korean & Korean Fusion
Peruvian Progressing
Southern Revival
Celebrating U.S. Regional Ingredients
Mexican Misconceptions: Appealing to the Hispanic Population
What Foodies Want: U.S. Cities with Ethnic Food Appeal
  Table 2-1 Top U.S. Destination Cities with Ethnic Food Appeal
Providence - Portuguese Roots Plus Peculiar Pleasantries
  Santa Fe Specialties


Heirlooms: Starting with Old, Very Old, Seeds
Ratcheting Up “Real” with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  Produce Promises at Progressive Fast Casuals
  Juicing It Up
  Produce Pronto: On-the-Go and At Home
  Fruit & Veggies On-the-Go
  Salad and Cook-Ready Veggies: Available On Demand
Popular Produce
  Specialty Mushrooms
Vegetables: The New Luncheon Meat?
Potato Appeal
Vegetables From the Sea
Edible Plants from the Wild
Bountiful Fruits
  Sensational Superfruits
  Trendy Tropicals
  Tangy Citrus
  Apples Abound
Food Stamps = Plethora of Produce
Farmers’ Markets: Too Many, Too Few, Time for Something New?
  Table 3-1 Number of Operating Farmers' Markets in the United States
  CSAs and Farmers’ Markets - Collaborators or Competitors?
Supermarket Produce - Getting More Local
Supermarket Produce Aisle - THE Place to Be
Veggies, Veggies Everywhere - Except the Diet?


New Crop of Young Farmers
Historic Gastronomy: Recreating Recipes of Olde
Linner & Brinner: Millennials Redefine Eating
New Market Formats for DIY Food Crafts
Gourmet Gadgets - Goofy or Godsends?
  Perfecting Mini Pies
  Whoopie Pies Go Wild
  Serious Stuff for Sous Vide Fans
  Panini Press On
  Yonanas: Going Bananas
New Twists in Food Tourism
  Agritourists Seek Farmer Chefs
  Tour de Compost
  Home is Where the Chicken Roosts
Future Food: Dinner for …… 7 Billion!
  Breadfruit Believers Battle Bland
  Betting on Bug Bites
  Vampires, Line Up
Crossovers: Ingredients in Unexpected Places
  Duck Fat: Good for You, or Just Good?
  Desserts Get Peppered Up
  Pretzel Power
  Waffles - Unwavering
  Luxurious Layering
Combos and Value Meals in New Places


Plate2 vs. Pyramid
  Figure 5-1 USDA Choose MyPlate Icon for Communicating 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  Harvard: Healthy Eating Plate
  Figure 5-2 Harvard School of Public Health Proposed Healthy Eating Plate Icon
Managing Weight - Still a Hefty Task
Making Dining Out More Nutritious
  Ronald’s Reckoning: Reinvention Triumphs Over Retirement
  The Power of Peer Pressure: Kids LiveWell Program
  Dietitians - The New Menu Celebrities?
Consumers’ Nutrition Concerns
Gluten-Free Going Gangbusters
Vexing Vitamins
Defining Beauty
Explosive Energy


Preindustrial Fats - Pure Pleasure
  Artisanal Butter
Healthier and Heavenly
Specialty Seed, Nut and Vegetable Oils
  Pumpkin Seed Oil
  Avocado Oil
  Nut Oils


Smoothies: More Shaking & Stirring
  Table 7-1 Recently Launched U.S. Retail Smoothie Products
Jazzing Up the Juice
  Juice Bar Makeover - Revolution or Evolution?
  Retail Market - Less Juicy?
  Drink Your Vegetables!
DIY Beverages Get Personal
  Customized Concentrates
  Portable Powder Sticks Still Popular
  Getting Personal, At Home


  Retailers Increasingly Committed to Sustainability
  Boat-to-Table: Hi Tech Enabled
  Canned Tuna - Under Attack
  The Dietary Guidelines & Seafood Consumption
  Savoring Small, Oily Fish
Poultry Preoccupation
  Chasing Chickens
  Tantalizing Turkey
  Pies - Not Just for Dessert
Bye, Bye Boxed Beef!
Sizzling Sausages
  Ethnic Dogs
  “If It Ain’t In a Casing, it isn’t worth tasting.”
  Sausage Stats
  Corn Dogs
Boastful Burgers - Can You Top This?
  Mighty Meat Combos
  Seafood Combos
  Utmost Umami


Burgers Beware!
  Haute Sandwiches
  Glamorous Grilled Cheese - Getting Cheesier
  Scanwich: Sandwiches as Art
  Super Convenient Sandwiches
  Popovers - The Next Sandwich Ingredient?


Classics Redefined
Luscious Layer Cakes Return
Puddings with Pizazz
Crisps, Cobblers and Other Baked Fruit Desserts
Petite Pies and Other Pleasing Permutations
Worldly Butter Cakes
  Kouign Amann: Move Over, Macarons!
  Ooey, Gooey Spreads Beyond Saint Louie
  The British Are Coming!
Newly Fashioned Nostalgic Flavors
  Lemon & Lime
Ice Cream Indulgences
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