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The European Market for Organic Fruit & Vegetables

December 2008 | 139 pages | ID: E512607F22DEN

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Report Description:

Organic Monitor’s report on The European Market for Organic Fruit & Vegetables gives updated market forecasts and a comprehensive analysis of this fast growing market. Produced by continuously tracking the European organic products industry since 2001, this report gives detailed market & competitive information for leading country markets. Expert analysis and strategic recommendations are provided to existing participants, new entrants, and investors.

Product Categories:

Organic vegetables
Organic top fruit
Organic stone fruit
Organic citrus fruit
Organic tropical & exotic fruits

Country Coverage

This report analyses the organic fruit & vegetables market in 17 European countries:
Germany the UK France Italy
Austria Denmark the Netherlands Spain
Switzerland Sweden Belgium Portugal
Finland Norway Luxembourg Greece
Republic of Ireland

Key Questions Answered:

Our expert analysis provides answers to the following questions…

- What is the size of the European organic fruit & vegetables market? What are the growth forecasts?
- What is the market size by organic product categories?
- What countries have the largest markets? Which are to show the highest growth?
- What countries are the leading organic fruit & vegetable producers? What countries are the major organic product importers?
- Who are the leading suppliers of organic fruit & vegetables in Europe?
- What companies are the leading importers and distributors of organic products?
- Who are the leading organic product retailers in each country?
- What mergers & acquisitions have occurred in recent years? What companies have been involved?
- What is the future growth outlook in terms of organic production and organic fruit & vegetable sales?
- What are the business opportunities in the European market?
- What recommendations can be given to new entrants, existing producers and investors?

Research Highlights:

Fruit & vegetables is the largest category in the EUR 20 billion organic food industry. High consumer demand for organic products is propelling fresh fruit & vegetable sales across Europe. The market share of organic products is reaching 5 percent of fresh fruit & vegetable sales in many country markets.

High market growth rates are leading to product shortages, causing European retailers to develop global supply chains to ensure continuous supply of organic fruits & vegetables. Organic products are being shipped in from North & Latin America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific to meet the shortfall in European supply.

This report predicts the market for organic products to double in the coming years. However, the supply-side is becoming increasingly competitive as mergers & acquisitions and rationalisation take place. Market winners will be those companies that can successfully adjust to the changing business climate.

Market information provided includes market size, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints, import & export statistics, pricing trends, supply chain analysis, sales channel breakdown and consumer behaviour. Profiles are given of the leading importers, suppliers and retailers. Strategic recommendations are given to organic food suppliers, exporters and new entrants.

Research Methodology

This report on The European Market for Organic Fruit & Vegetables has been predominantly produced by primary research. Interviews were conducted with leading suppliers, traders, distributors and retailers in each country. Information was also gathered from trade & industry associations, industry observers and retailer in-store visits. Secondary research was used to corroborate and verify primary data. Secondary data sources include our proprietary in-house databases, magazines & trade press, company literature and independent databases.

How You Will Benefit From This Report

Since this report provides a comprehensive analysis on the European Market for Organic Fruit & Vegetables, it is an invaluable resource to executives / organizations looking for information. Expert analysis and strategic insights make the report equally useful to new entrants and companies already active in the organic products industry.

The report gives a thorough market analysis, enabling the reader to make decisions on business opportunities and market plans. Market information includes market size by product categories and countries, historic & projected market growth rates, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints. Competitive information includes market share of leading producers / brands, sales breakdown by channels, retailer analysis, profiles of leading companies (producers, importers and retailers). Other information includes certification & standards, consumer behaviour and future outlook.

The report is useful for:

- CEOs and senior managers to assess the business potential of this emerging market and make investment decisions
- Marketing managers & executives to identify marketing opportunities, prospective customers and develop marketing / sales plans
- Business development managers to identify business opportunities, strategic partners and investment openings
- Financial institutions & investors to understand the revenue potential of this emerging industry and make investment decisions
- Advertising & marketing agencies to identify potential partners in this emerging industry and to get a better understanding of consumer behaviour to develop marketing / advertising programmes
- Information and research centre librarians to provide a one-stop information resource on this emerging industry, which is vital for marketing executives, market researchers, product & brand managers, and senior management.


Product Definition and Segmentation
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
Market Overview
Volume and Revenue Forecasts (2004-2014)
Market Trends
Competitive Overview
Strategic Recommendations
Revenue Potential
Marketing Strategies for Regional Suppliers
Marketing Strategies For Exporters
Other Marketing Strategies



Report Scope
Research Methodology
Forecast Assumptions



Organic Products
Industry Development
Organic Farmland
Regulations & Standards



Market Overview
Volume and Revenue Forecasts (2004-2014)
Market Trends
Country Analysis
Distribution Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Sales Analysis
Retailer Analysis
Mainstream Retailers
Organic Food Retailers
Consumer Analysis



Market Overview
Volume and Revenue Forecasts (2004-2014)
Country Analysis
Trade Analysis
Export Analysis
Import Analysis
Pricing Analysis
Market Trends
Competitive Analysis
Sales Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Product Analysis



Market Overview
Country Analysis
Trade Analysis
Export Analysis
Import Analysis
Pricing Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Sales Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Product Analysis



Traders and Suppliers
Associations, Certifiers & Others

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