UAE Power & Water Industry Overview - May 2010

Date: May 23, 2010
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UAE Power & Water Industry Overview - May 2010
Forming the foundation pillars upon which the economic development of the country is based on, The Power and Water desalination Industry in the UAE is characterized by a limited source of supply struggling to cater to the escalating demand fuelled by increasing population and improved standards of living. Subsequent to its revolutionary discovery of hydrocarbons about three decades back, the UAE economy had come a long way into establishing itself as a highly developing nation boasting modern amenities facilitating high standards of living. In its ardent quest to remove the tarnished impact of an impoverished desert with limited prospects for economic development, the government has increased spending on job creation and infrastructure expansion and is opening up utilities to greater private sector involvement. The country's Free Trade Zones, offering 100% foreign ownership and zero taxes, are helping to attract foreign investors.

Whilst Privatization occupies the center stage in the overhauling process of Power and Water sector, the initiatives towards alternative energy sources in the form of Solar and Nuclear power as an viable option to replace the heavy dependence on the hydro carbon sector, particularly to replace the natural gas as a primary fuel in power generation is considered a highlight in the nation’s power reforms. The emergence of alternative power sources will enable the country to successfully diversify its economic growth from a predominantly oil based economy thus bracing itself to face any future adversity in oil fluctuations.

The Governments ardent efforts in enforcing legislations to conserve water in addition to its avid focus on desalination and waste water treatment highlights the significance given by the economy to combat the demand for water. Faced with the inherent disadvantage of extreme scarcity of ground water, UAE is doing all it possibly could to conserve and improve the supply of water through desalination and waste water treatments. As part of its overhauling measures, the Government is also educating the masses on conserving this valuable resource in addition to plans on introducing marginal pricing relative to the increasing usage to deter increase in demand as well as to manage the costs of production.

On the basis of years of tracking both power and water sector development, and maintenance projects, the team at Ventures Middle East aims to explore the dynamics surrounding the UAE power and water desalination industry in this study. The study in particular provides a regional perspective on the size and value of Power and Water sector covering the vital statistics on the installed capacity, production and demand for power and water besides providing an analysis of the contractor awards and construction spends in the power and water sector. The study also provides a strategic assessment of the Industry landscape by providing an analysis of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legislative and the Environmental trends impacting this high growth Industry.

This study provides a comprehensive understanding the entire market dynamics of the Power and Water sector to assist players interested in assessing the market opportunities in this robust and dynamic market.
UAE Power & Water - PESTLE Analysis
Political Trends
Private sector key to power & water sector growth
DEWA to Privatize Hassyan Project
Abu Dhabi
Economic Trends
Social Trends
Legislative Trends
Dubai Sets Up New Utility Regulator
Water Conservation Law under Final Review
Technological Trends
Environmental Trends

UAE Water Sector

Highest water consumption levels in the world
Institutional Environment
Water Treatment Technologies in UAE
Multi-stage flash distillation (MSF)
Multiple-effect distillation (MED)
Reverse osmosis (RO)
Need to make economy more water-efficient
Expansion Plans
Abu Dhabi
Northern Emirates

UAE Power Sector

Demand has over Shadowed Supply
Privatization of Power Sector
GCC Power Grid lifts up hopes of Regional Co-operation
Alternative low-carbon energy sources are becoming increasingly attractive in the UAE
Nuclear Energy
Alternative Energy
Dubai’s first private power plant initiative
Abu Dhabi developing hydrogen based power generation plant
Fujairah focusing on Wind Farms to develop alternate sources of power
Abu Dhabi
Demand for electricity expected to be 3.5 times higher
Power Sector to benefit from three key projects
Dubai 50
Economic Crisis Affects Dubai Utilities
Sharjah & Northern Emirates
Reliancy on Abu Dhabi to meet electricity demand

UAE Power & Water Sector Market Size and Forecasts
Construction Contract Awards For Power & Water Sector in UAE (2008 -2013)
Abu Dhabi
Other Emirates
Construction Spend on Power & Water Projects in UAE (2008 -2013)
Abu Dhabi
Other Emirates

Code of Ethics
Ventures MENA Projects Database


Figure 1: UAE
Figure 2: PESTLE Analysis UAE Utilities Sector
Figure 3: UAE Water Production Capacity Figures (MIGD) in 2009
Figure 4: UAE Power & Water Structure
Figure 5: Multi-stage flash distillation (MSF)
Figure 6: Multiple-effect distillation (MED)
Figure 7: Reverse osmosis (RO)
Figure 8: Abu Dhabi Water Production vs. Supply (Annual Average in MIGD)
Figure 9: Dubai Water Installed Capacity
Figure 10: Dubai Water Consumption
Figure 11: Sharjah Water Statistics
Figure 12: FEWA Water Production - MED Plants
Figure 13: FEWA Water Production - RO Plants
Figure 14: UAE Installed Electricity Capacity (MW)
Figure 15: UAE Peak Power Demand by Emirate (MW)
Figure 16: GCC Power Grid
Figure 17: 2009 Abu Dhabi Actual Peak Electricity Demand and Generation Capacity
Figure 18: DEWA Power Statistics
Figure 19: Sharjah Power Statistics
Figure 20: FEWA Installed Capacity - 2009
Figure 21: FEWA Energy Generation
Figure 23: Budget Value of Power & Water Projects in UAE
Figure 24: UAE Power & Water Contractor Awards (2008 - 2013)
Figure 25: UAE Power & Water Contractor Awards Split by Emirates (2008-2013)
Figure 26: UAE Power & Water Construction Spend Split by Emirates (2008 -2013)
Figure 27: UAE Power & Water Construction Spend (2008 - 2013)


Table 1: Economic indicators
Table 2: Abu Dhabi Water Projects
Table 3: Dubai Water Projects
Table 4: Northern Emirates Water Projects
Table 5: Abu Dhabi Power Projects
Table 6: Dubai Power Projects
Table 7: Sharjah & Northern Emirates Power Projects
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UAE Power & Water Industry Overview - May 2010
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