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Equity & Revenue Crowd Funding Marketplace Reviewed by Ian Youngman in New Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

11 Sep 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Equity crowd funding is a rapidly emerging market that undermines and changes the existing financial models of investments.  This model not only boosts investments but also caters for cross-border investments and attracts a globally diverse audience. The legal position of equity and revenue crowd funding is unclear in a slew of countries and whilst some nations take aim at legalising and encouraging it, regulators in some geographies have attempted to kill it despite the fact that it may be legal.

Crowd funding generated USD 5.1 billion in funding transactions as of 2013; it is forecast to surpass the USD 300 billion mark in funding transactions by 2025. Some platforms do now succeed, with failures witnessed in China, the UK, the US and EU nations. Over the next ten years, crowd funding is forecast to increase at a rapid pace, widening the pool of prospective investors to over 50 million. There are hundreds of platforms and some have become multi-country. By end-2020, it will be common for individuals and businesses to forge relationships with businesses through market-wide platforms and websites, which enables investment whilst bypassing conventional finance companies and banking institutions.

New market research study “Equity and revenue crowd funding International regulation, platforms and markets 2014” prepared by Ian Youngman provides a comprehensive analysis of the equity and revenue crowd funding universe. It gives an all-round overview of different types of crowd funding, gives a granular explanation of how it all works, provides true insights into major benefits and problems faced by those involved, presents historical figures, besides peeping into the market’s future. The study provides a granular examination of 60 nations, with each country profile enclosing accurate information on regulatory landscape, regulators, expected changes to regulations, first platform, other platforms, and also failed platforms. Additionally, details of trade and research associations, alongside market size data where applicable, can be found in the publication.

Report Details:

Equity and revenue crowd funding International regulation, platforms and markets 2014
Published: September, 2014
Pages: 300 
Price: US$ 1,680.00

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