Utilities Company Research Reports

The Utilities Industry is involved in the supply of such public services as water, electricity, and conventional gas, as well as in taking waste salvage and sewage disposal measures. The sector encompasses such establishments as manufacturing businesses and consultancy firms, standard power and water companies, maintenance organizations, and also a pool of governance bodies, among others. The utilities infrastructure is rather dear to create; hence companies involved tend to consolidate to become quite large, but few in quantity, organisms.

The global Utilities Market is evolving in line with the comeback of most economies and global-scale swell in population, to eventually reach a value of EUR 3.4 trillion by end-2015. Drivers include ascending fuel costs, quest for greener environment, alongside the competitive advantages in the Utilities marketplace. Some of the major Utilities Companies include E.ON AG; AES Corporation; GDF SUEZ; Veolia Environnement S.A.; Iberdrola SA, Centrica plc; National Grid plc; and Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG, among lots of others.

This Catalogue contains a valuable collection of research reports concentrating on in-depth financial assessments of Utilities Companies’ performance, both in global and regional surroundings. Company rankings are provided in the research reports, in terms of sales gain, trade stability, revenue position, working assets, debt/equity ratio, and effective liquidity. Alongside varying Utilities Companies’ evaluations, the research reports comprehensively examine the market itself.

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