Global Lodging Industry: China’s Hotel Market to Drive Growth

Date: February 23, 2008
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Global Lodging Industry: China’s Hotel Market to Drive Growth
The global lodging industry has seen tremendous growth in 2006 backed by growth in four continents - Asia, South & Central America, Europe, and the Middle East reporting double-digit RevPar growth.

Although North America, traditionally a market that use to drive the global hotel industry slowed down in 2006, Western European countries specifically France, Austria and Germany and Asian countries like China and India came to the industry’s rescue with a major growth in the hotel segment.

The Asian countries specifically China and India are witnessing the fastest growth in the lodging industry supported by international business and leisure tourism. Three major factors are driving growth in the Western European and the Asian countries - a sound economic growth in these regions followed by increasing business activities and the advent of new tourist destinations.

China is likely to see the highest growth in the Asian region because of the fact that domestic tourism has seen unprecedented increase in the country with tourism expenditure rising on average at 14% annually. Further the Chinese government is likely to reduce state-ownership of hotel assets and thereby releasing quality lodging assets to be operated by foreign companies or joint ventures.

Also, there are significant growth opportunities for international brand as only around 15% of rooms in China are currently branded. As a result, major global lodging companies are expanding their operations in China to leverage the growth opportunities.

The report is a study on the global hotel industry with specific focus on the Chinese hotel industry. The report assesses the various business models that are adopted by the lodging companies. The size and growth of the hotel industry by geographic region has been studied in this report. The report analyzes the growth opportunities that are present in the Chinese hotel industry and also assesses the differentiating strategies adopted by leading lodging companies operating in China. It studies the functioning and strategies of five global lodging companies - InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Wyndham Worldwide, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels and Accor.


The business models of the lodging industry like the ownership, franchise and management model has been explained in this section. This section also highlights the presence of competitive brands in business segments like full and limited service hotels.
1.1 Business Models
1.2 Business Segments


The size of the global hotel market and RevPar for various regions has been analyzed in this section


3.1 Trend of affiliating with large and well-known brands
3.2 Franchising – the preferred business model


The performance of the hotel industry in the following regions has been assessed in this section
4.1 United States
4.2 Europe
4.3 Rest of the World
4.4 Asia


China is driving growth of the global hotel industry. This section analyzed the factors that are driving growth of the hotel industry in China.
5.1 Chinese economy: Comparison with US and Europe
5.2 Chinese tourism industry
5.3 Chinese hotel industry – Size and growth
5.4 Growth Drivers
  5.4.1 Fundamental drivers of growth of hotel industry
  5.4.2 Growth in mainstream hotel segment
  5.4.3 Growth in Tier II cities
  5.4.4 Low penetration in branded rooms
  5.4.5 Reducing state ownership gives conversion opportunities



7.1 InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  7.1.1 Company Profile
  7.1.2 Hotel projects by management format
  7.1.3 Business Strategies
7.2 Wyndham Worldwide
  7.2.1 Company Profile
  7.2.2 Turnover by business segment
  7.2.3 Business Strategies
7.3 Marriott International
  7.3.1 Company Profile
  7.3.2 Turnover by business segment
  7.3.3 Business Strategies
7.4 Hilton Hotels
  7.4.1 Company Profile
  7.4.2 Turnover by business segment
  7.4.3 Business Strategies
7.5 Accor
  7.5.1 Company Profile
  7.5.2 Turnover by business segment
  7.5.3 Hotel projects by management format
  7.5.4 Business Strategies


This section assesses the future of the global hotel industry specifically with a focus on the US and Chinese hotel industry.


Figure 2.1: Global Hotel room capacity: 2004 & 2006
Figure 2.2: RevPar by regions: 2006
Figure 3.1: Branded rooms as percentage of total rooms: Major regions
Figure 4.1: US Hotel Industry - RevPar: 2000-2006
Figure 4.2: US Hotel Industry: Addition of new rooms: 2000-2006
Figure 4.3: US Hotel Industry Earnings: 2000-2006
Figure 4.4: Chain scale segments (Full & limited service) break-up: 2006
Figure 4.5: Hotel performance – Middle East and South & Central America
Figure 4.6: China and India – Hotel pipeline
Figure 5.1: Travel Growth in China: Domestic Tourism: 2001-2006
Figure 5.2: Inbound tourist arrivals - China: 2001-2005
Figure 5.3: Outbound trips- China: 2002-2006
Figure 5.4: Number of hotel rooms in China: 2000-2005
Figure 5.5: Total rooms and new rooms by 2010: China vs. other regions
Figure 5.6: Market size of Chinese hotel industry: 2000-2005
Figure 5.7: Growth of hotel rooms by segment: 2005 & 2010
Figure 5.8: Branded & Unbranded rooms – China vs. other regions: 2006
Figure 5.9: State-owned hotels vs. private hotels in China
Figure 6.1: Leading Players: Number of Hotels – January 2007
Figure 6.2: Leading Players: Number of Hotel rooms – January 2007
Figure 6.3: Leading Players: Global Market Share – January 2007
Figure 7.1: IHG - Hotel projects by management format: 2007-2009
Figure 7.2: Wyndham - Turnover by business segment: 2006
Figure 7.3: Marriott - Turnover by business segment: 2006
Figure 7.4: Hilton - Turnover by business segment: 2006
Figure 7.5: Accor - Turnover by business segment: 2007
Figure 7.6: Accor - Hotel projects by management format: 2007-2009


Table 4.1: Europe – RevPar by Country
Table 4.2: Top Ten Hotels in Europe: Number of Hotels and Rooms: 2006
Table 5.1: Economic Performance: China vs. US and Europe
Table 7.1: Accor Asia Pacific – Hotel Pipeline
Table 8.1: GDP Growth Forecast: Major Regions
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Global Lodging Industry: China’s Hotel Market to Drive Growth
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