Competition Driving Breakthroughs in Sports Medicine Market

Date: March 23, 2008
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Competition Driving Breakthroughs in Sports Medicine Market
The advent of arthroscopy (minimally invasive technique) was a milestone in the field of sports medicine. In the last three decades, technological advances in arthroscopy have enabled quick healing in athletes. New developments such as ligament reconstruction techniques, and biological replacements have revolutionized the sports medicine market. Professional athletes are driving medical professionals to develop better techniques, and new instruments. Sports medicines are also helping the older segment of population to remain active and athletically competitive.

Smith & Nephew is the leader in global arthroscopy market. Other major players are Arthrex, DePuy Mitek, Stryker, Conmed and ArthroCare. In the sports medicine market, there is a constant threat from new entrants trying to launch technologically advanced and more efficient products as compared to the existing products. This leads to a high intensity of rivalry amongst the competitors and also drives their R&D initiatives.

The report is aimed at providing a basic understanding of the sports medicine market. It also analyzes the arthroscopy market and orthopedic biomaterial market, besides providing an overall view of the orthopedic market. The report also profiles the major companies, with a discussion of their key business strategies. It also analyzes the major trends prevalent in the sports medicine market.


Orthopedics Market
Value Chain
Arthroscopy Market
Orthopedic Biomaterial Market


2.1 Orthopedics Market
  Worldwide Orthopedics Market Value
  Worldwide Orthopedics Market by Segments
  Worldwide Orthopedics Market by Procedure
2.2 Arthroscopy Market
  Shoulder Market
  Knee Market
2.3 Sports Medicine Market
  Sports Medicine – Market Share
2.4 Orthopedic Biomaterial Market
  US Device Market Value
  US Orthopedic Biomaterial (Sports) - Market Share


3.1 Sports Medicine for Older Athletes
3.2 Sales of Muscle & Body Supports
3.3 Young Teens – Less Prone to Sports Injuries
3.4 Advances in Sports Medicine
3.5 Sports Injuries – Overuse & Strains


4.1 Smith & Nephew
  Business Strategies
  To Be the Leading Provider of Endoscopic Techniques
  Product Innovation
4.2 DePuy Mitek
4.3 Arthrex
4.4 Stryker
  Business Strategies
  Strategic Acquisitions
  Product Innovation
4.5 Conmed
  Business Strategies
  Strategic Marketing and Distribution Channels
  Technological Leadership
4.6 ArthroCare
  Business Strategies
  Focus on Coblation Technology
  Strategic Acquisitions
4.7 Biomet


US Market Value – Orthopedic Biomaterial by Device (2005-09E)
Muscle & Body Supports Sales of Drug Stores by Value (2007)
Muscle & Body Supports Sales of Drug Stores by Volume (2007)


Orthopedic Surgeons by Specialty
Value Chain in Orthopedics Industry
Worldwide Orthopedics Market Value (2006)
Worldwide Orthopedics Market by Segments (2006)
Worldwide Orthopedics Market by Procedure (2006)
Sports Medicine Market: Share of Competitors (2006)
US Orthopedic Biomaterial (Sports) Market by Competitors (2006)
Smith & Nephew: Revenue by Segments (2007)
Stryker: Sales Mix (2007)
Conmed: Revenue by Segments (2007)
ArthroCare: Revenue by Segments (2006)
Biomet: Revenue by Segments (2006)
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Competition Driving Breakthroughs in Sports Medicine Market
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