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China Yacht Industry Report, 2010-2012

July 2011 | 50 pages | ID: C4CDFF9B95BEN

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China has a mainland coastline and an island coastline of 18 thousand kilometers and 14 thousand kilometers respectively. The sea areas under the jurisdiction of the PRC reach 3 million km2. Besides, China has over 6500 islands and 24800 lakes in total, as well as four major rivers including the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Pearl River and the Heilongjiang River, and star-studded inland lakes and reservoirs. The vast and diversified water area definitely provides favorable natural condition for the development of yacht industry in China.

The developed area is concentrated mainly in the southeast of China, where there are abundant water resources such as inland rivers, lakes and offshore waters. The GDP per capita in coastal developed provinces like Guangdong achieved USD7000, and that in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen has reached USD10000, which all exceeded the threshold for rapid growth of yacht consumption.

Currently, yacht manufacturing industry is still in the initial stage of development. There were only less than 400 boat manufacturers in the beginning of the year 2010, wherein, 75 enterprises were mainly engaged in manufacturing of yacht, and approximately 40 enterprises realized the annual sales of over RMB10 million.

International yacht brands dominate the medium and high-end yacht market in China, such as Ferretti (Italy), Azimut (Italy), Sunseeker (UK), Princess (UK), and Beneteau (France) etc. Most of the Chinese enterprises focus on medium and low-end yacht market. Enterprises including Cheoy LEE, Xiamen Tangrong, and Jet Tern Marine basically focus on export business, whereas their domestic business only accounts for a small proportion. At present, merely a few yacht manufacturers concentrate their efforts on developing the domestic market, which include Sunbird and BESTWAY.

Meanwhile, from yacht design to key parts and manufacturing technology, Chinese enterprises have long relied on the resources provided by European and American enterprises. For instance, they hire European and American designers and advanced skilled workers, and purchase yacht engine from the United States. Most of enterprises have been engaged in the OEM business, and only a few possess independent R&D strength.

On the premise of long-term rapid economic development in China, market size of China yacht industry has presented significant enlarging trend. In particular, with the rapid development of large private yacht market, yacht club projects have mushroomed in many places, creating favorable opportunity for the development of yacht industry in China.

1.1 Definition
1.2 Classification


2.1 Market Environment
2.2 Market Outlook
2.3 Related Policies
2.4 Regional Policies
2.5 Constraints



4.1 Brunswick Boat Group
4.2 Ferretti Group
4.3 Azimut-Benetti
4.4 Sunseeker


5.1 Sunbird
  5.1.1 Profile
  5.1.2 Product
  5.1.3 Operation
  5.1.4 Strategy
  5.2.1 Profile
  5.2.2 Product
  5.2.3 Operation
  5.2.4 Strategy
5.3 Cheoy LEE
  5.3.1 Profile
  5.3.2 Product
5.4 Heysea Yachts
5.5 Jet Tern Marine
5.6 Double Happiness Yacht
5.7 Millennium Marine
5.8 Sea-Stella
5.9 Hansheng
5.10 Tangrong


Population and Yacht Ownership Worldwide, 2007
Distribution of Yacht Clubs in China
Distribution of Boat Enterprises in China
Output of Boat in China (by Product), 2009
Market Size of Non-Metallic Boat Market in China, 2005-2010
Market Size of Entertainment Boat and Sports Boat in China, 2003-2012E
Development Plans of Yacht Industry in Some Cities of China
Berth Quantity of Yacht Clubs in China
Orders of Major International Yacht Enterprises, 2009-2010
Yacht Products of Brunswick in the Chinese Market
Investment Projects of Brunswick in China
Operation Data of Brunswick (Zhuhai), 2007-2008
Products of Ferretti
Orders of Ferretti’s Yacht over 80 Feet, 2008-2010
Distributors of Ferretti in China
Products of Azimut-Benetti
Orders of Azimut-Benetti’s Yacht over 80 Feet, 2008-2010
Yacht Products of Sunseeker in the Chinese Market
Orders of Sunseeker’s Yacht over 80 Feet, 2008-2010
Subsidiaries of Sunbird
Products of Sunbird
Operating Income and Net Income of Sunbird, 2007-2010
Domestic Sales and Foreign Sales of Sunbird, 2007-2010
Operating Income of Sunbird (by Product), 2010
Operating Income of Sunbird (by Region), 2010
Investment Projects of Sunbird, 2011-2012E
Subsidiaries of Bestway
Fipa’s Yacht Products Distributed by Bestway
Operating Income and Net Income of Bestway, 2008-2010
Operating Income of Bestway (by Business), 2010
Operating Income of Bestway (by Region), 2010
Investment Projects of Bestway, 2010-2011
Operation Data of Cheoy LEE (Zhuhai), 2007-2008
Export Value of Cheoy LEE (Zhuhai), 2007-2008
Products of Cheoy LEE (Zhuhai)
Prices of Cheoy LEE’s Products
Products of Heysea
Operation Data of Guangdong Heysea, 2008-2009
Products of Jet Tern
Operation Data of Jet Tern, 2007-2009
Export Value of Dongguan Jet Tern, 2007-2009
Products of Double Happiness Yacht
Operation Data of Double Happiness Yacht, 2007-2009
Global Sales Network of Double Happiness Yacht
Products of Millennium Marine
Products of Sea-Stella
Operation Data of Sea-Stella, 2007-2009
Products of Hansheng
Operation Data of Hansheng, 2007-2009
Export Value of Tangrong, 2006-2009
Operation Data of Tangrong, 2007-2009

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