Motor Vehicles Market Research ReportsĀ & Industry Analysis

Motor vehicles industry manufactures a slew of products: passenger cars, buses and minibuses, light duty trucks, lorries, motorcycles and a far more. It also busy with the production of motor vehicles bodies, parts, accessories, etc. At present, the motor vehicle makers tend to move their facilities to emerging economies given low production costs and cheaper labour force there.

The downturn of the motor vehicle market in 2009 has been followed by a period of recovery. Currently, the market grows at a stable pace driven by the enhancing demand for motor vehicles across the world. China, the US, Japan, Germany and South Korea are the top five motor vehicles manufacturers. GM, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai Motor, Ford, Nissan and PSA are amid the leading companies. Automobiles form the largest sector of the motor vehicles market.

The catalogue encompasses research reports offering insights into the motor vehicles market at all geographical levels possible. The research studies provide information on the market sizing and structure, uncover key market development trends, and examine competitive pressure within the market. The reports contain detailed analyses of various market segments, indicate prominent market participants and outline possible opportunities for the market. Moreover, future forecasts are on hand in the research reports.

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