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China Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Report, 2007

May 2008 | 54 pages | ID: CA7364E05AFEN

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A fast economic development has continued to increase demand for energy, making global oil prices hover at high level and natural gas prices rise continuously. Threat to environment protection incurred by use of fossil fuels is becoming increasingly prominent. New energies, such clean and renewable energies, are arousing the attention of the world.

Among all types of new energies, wind power generation is relatively mature in technology and it has the condition for large-scale commercial operation. All counties are paying more and more attention to wind power generation that has a relatively low cost, pushing up a fast rise in installed capacity.

According to China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization (CARCU), 1.4 billion kw power generation facilities could be installed on the land of China. If the sea area is taken into consideration, the total resources can exceed 2 billion kw. By the end of 2007, China's total installed capacity of wind power was 6 million kw, accounting for only 0.44% of the land usable wind energy, which has a huge development potential.

This report is based on the authoritative statistics from China Wind Energy Association, China New Energy Association, State Information Center and National Bureau of Statistics and some information from financial statements of some key companies.


1.1 Wind Power - Most Mature Generation Technology of Renewable Energy
1.2 Wind Power Demand
  1.2.1 Wind Power Development Boosted by Environment Protection
  1.2.2 Renewable Alternative Energy Stimulated by High Crude Oil Prices
  1.2.3 A Declining in Wind Power Cost


2.1 A Rapid Increase in Installed Capacity of Global Wind Power Industry
2.2 Offshore Wind Power


3.1 Abundant Wind Energy Resources
3.2 A Sustained Fast Growth in Installed Capacity of Wind Power
3.3 Wind Power Technology
  3.3.1 Current Wind Power Technology
  3.3.2 Rapid Progress of Wind Power Technology
  3.3.3 A Gradual Rise in Capacity Per Unit Driven by Technical Upgrade
3.4 Strong Policy Support
  3.4.1 Wind Power Connecting to Grid at Full Price
  3.4.2 Fiscal and Taxation Support
  3.4.3 On-grid Price
  3.4.4 Requirement for Import Substitution Rate


4.1 Market Capacity of China Wind Power Industry
4.2 Competition Pattern of China Wind Power Industry
  4.2.1 Overall Market Capacity of China Wind Power
  4.2.2 Chinese Domestic Companies Xinjiang Goldwind Science& Technology Co., Ltd Sinovel Windtec Co., Ltd Xinxiang Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd Huayi Electric Co., Ltd Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd
  4.2.3 Foreign Companies


5.1 Wind Power Equipment Components Manufacturing Industry
  5.1.1 Wind Power Equipment Structure
  5.1.2 Upstream Components Industry
  5.1.3 Development Trend
5.2 Fan Blade of Wind Turbine
  5.2.1 Brief Introduction to Fan Blade
  5.2.2 Market Capacity of Fan Blade in China
  5.2.3 International Fan Blade Manufacturers
  5.2.4 Sinoma Science & technology Co., Ltd Company Profile Technical Advantage Orders Production Capacity Financing Needs
  5.2.5 Tianjin Xinmao Science & Technology Co.,Ltd Wind Turbine Business Introduction Xinfeng Energy – China's First Listed Fan Blade Company
  5.2.6 Zhonghang Huiteng Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd. Company Profile Products Financial Status
5.3 Gear
  5.3.1 Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Co., Ltd
  5.3.2 Chongqing Gear Box Co., Ltd
  5.3.3 Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd
5.4 Electric Motor
5.5 Yaw Control System
  5.5.1 Luoyang Gearing Co., Ltd (Group)
  5.5.2 Liuzhou Wazhou Bearing Co., Ltd
  5.5.3 Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Co., Ltd
5.6 Electric Control System


Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Renewable Energies
Power Generation Costs of Various Renewable Energies
Average Annual Growth Rate of Total Renewable Energies, 2002-2006
Cost Structure of Wind Turbine
Wind Power Generation Cost to Drop Dramatically, 2000-2020
Changes of Global Wind Power Installed Capacity, 1995-2007
Wind Power Installed Capacity by Country, 2007
Forecast of Global Wind Power Installed Capacity, 2005-2050
Wind Energy Distribution in China
Proportion of Wind Power to the Total by Country
Changes of Installed Capacity of Wind Power in China, 2002-2007
Technical Trend of Wind Power Generation
Newly-built Installed Capacity, 2001-2006
Great Driver of China Policies
Import Substitution Rate of Wind Turbine, 2004-2010
Forecast of Installed Capacity of Wind Power in China, 2007-2010
Five-Force Model Analysis of Wind Power Generation Machine in China
Market Shares of China Newly Increased Wind Turbine in 2007
Profits of Goldwind, 2004-1H2007
Profitability of Goldwind's Wind Turbine Business, 2004-2007
Wind Power Industry Chain of Goldwind
Forecast of Annual Demand for Large Forgings before 2010
Revenue Structure of Dongfang Electronics, 2007
Forecast of Sales Revenue from Wind Power and Nuclear Power of Dongfang Electronics, 2004-2009
Huayi Electronics' Business Development Strategy
Huayi Electronics' Main Business Structure in 2007
Huayi Electronics' Main Upstream Supply Chain
Sketch Map of Wind Turbine
Cost Structure of Wind Turbine
Upstream & Downstream Companies of China Wind Power Industry Chain
Wind Turbine Blade Supply Contract by Sinoma and Sinovel
Main Business Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Xinmao Science & Technology, 2004-2007
Zhonghang Huiteng's Operation Revenue and Net Profits, 2004-2007
Medium-Long Term Development Plan for Various Renewable Energies
Comparison of Power Generating Costs and Construction Costs between Various Types of Power Generation
Wind Power Resources by Region
Main Technical Characteristics of Wind Power Generation Sets in China
China Energy Policies concerning Wind Power
Competition Pattern of Wind Turbine Market in China
Chinese Wind Turbine Companies to Have Mass Production, 2008-2010
Goldwind's Research Progress on Mw-Level Machine Sets
Goldwind's Projects Supported by Raised Capital
Goldwind's Expansion Projects Supported by Raised Capital
Forecast of Wind Turbine Business of Dongfang Electronics, 2007-2010
Huayi Electronics' Production Capacity and Output, 2008-2009, (Forecasted)
Huayi Electronics' Wind Turbine Orders
Main International Wind Power Generator Manufacturers in China
Main International Joint-ventures in Wind Power Generator in China
International Wind Power Generator Manufacturers in China

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