Solar Power Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Solar Power implies transforming the Sun’s radiative energy into electricity or thermal energy, either employing photovoltaics (in a direct way) or intermediately, through concentrating solar power systems. The former means exploits the photo-electric effect, while the latter utilise mirrors/lenses and watching systems to focus a vast area of daylight into a low-current beam.

Globally, Solar Power demand has surged by on average of 30 percent yearly in the past decades. This was in suit with rapidly falling prices and costs, underpinned by production technology advances, the economies of scale, and the climbing effectiveness of photovoltaic cells. Some of the front rank Solar Power companies are Suntech Power Holdings, Sharp Solar, Yingli Green Energy Holding, and First Solar.

The Catalogue is jampacked with the research reports giving answers to the questions regarding the world, region wide and national Solar Power Markets. The research reports picture the market size, structure and segmentation; macroeconomic factors and trends impacting the sector; novel product introductions; storage technologies; distribution channels; prices. Profiles of industry players, both big boys and small potatoes, are included. Furthermore, the research reports contain assumptions on how the Solar Power Market will evolve soon.

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