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LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Market Research (China)

January 2007 | 96 pages | ID: L0501B0A283EN

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According to relevant survey, natural gas consumption demand in China will reach 227.54 to 296.54 billion cubic meters in the following 20 years, and the domestic output will be 120 billion cubic meters. Gap between demand and supply will be about 107.54 to 176.14 billion cubic meters per year. In addition, the natural gas imported from Russia and Mid Asia via the long transmission pipeline will be 60 to 70 billion cubic meters a year, and the rest will depend on LNS imports. Therefore, the LNG prospect in China in the future is promising.

China is said to have three LNG import receiving stations in plan or under construction, including LNG project in Pearl River Delta, LNG project in Yangtze River Delta and LNG project in Fujian. CNOOC is the largest builder and investor of LNG import in China, and it has altogether 10 LNG projects along the coast so far. According to the incomplete statistics, the total scale of the LNG import receiving projects along the coast that CNOOC will build will be nearly 700 million tons a year, while the majority of the projects have not progressed substantially. Song Wucheng, analyst of National Development and Reform Commission believes that the LNG demand increase in the market is strong.

Nearly more than 95% of LPG manufacturers in China is the oil refinery, and only a few of which are from the oil-gas fields, and the main components are dimethylmethane and butane. The annual growth margin of LPG consumption in China was about 14.9% since 1990s. While due to the restriction of the petroleum resource, the LPG output in China then could not meet the consumption demand, so the gap between LPG supply and demand in China enlarged. According to development trend, the LPG demand will be 25 to 30 million tons in China in 2010 and 40 to 50 million tons in 2020. Song Wucheng believes that LPG will be a short resource in China for a long time, on which we see a wonderful future.


1.1 Characteristics and Cost
1.2 Cost of LNG Industry Chain
  1.2.1 Recovering, Purification and Liquefaction Expense
  1.2.2 Transportation Expense
  1.2.3 Receiving Stations and Vaporization, and Pipeline Transportation Expense
1.3 LNG Cost Control


2.1 Status Quo of Development
2.1.1 Import LNG Project
  2.1.2 LNG Satellite Station
  2.1.3 LNG Production and Transportation
  2.1.4 Coalbed Methane Liquification
2.2 Constructing and Plan to Construct LNG Projects in China
  2.2.1 Guangdong
  2.2.2 Fujian
  2.2.3 Jiangsu
  2.2.4 Qingdao
2.3 Challenges for China Developing LNG
  2.3.1 Gas supply is crises, and lack of the resource for selection
  2.3.2 Dramatic rise of gas price, and fluctuation of spot and futures price
  2.3.3 LNG transportation price will rise sharply
2.4 Prospect and Suggestions for China LNG Market


3.1 Market Characteristics
  3.1.1 South China
  3.1.2 East China
  3.1.3 Northeast
  3.1.4 North China
  3.1.5 Northwest
3.2 Import and Export
  3.2.1 Too high price is main reason for reduction of import volume
  3.2.2 South China is main consumption region of import, and Mid East is main import source
  3.2.3 Import amount rises more compared to before


4.1 LPG Supply in China, 2000-2007
  4.1.1 Supply Structure
  4.1.2 Output Change
  4.1.3 Output Regions
  4.1.4 Enterprises
4.2 LPG Demand in China, 2000-2006
  4.2.1 Consumption Structure
  4.2.2 Consumption Amount
  4.2.3 Demand decreased for the first time in 17 years in 2006
  4.2.4 Forecast of LPG Consumption Amount in China, 2006-2010
4.3 Import and Export, 2000-2006
  4.3.1 Import and Export, 1995-2004
  4.3.2 Import and Export, 2005
  4.3.3 Import and Export Amount in China by Province, Jan-Dec, 2006
  4.3.4 Import Source, Jan-Dec, 2006
4.4 LPG Price Fluctuations in China, 2004-2006
  4.4.1 Price Retrospect, 2004-2006
  4.4.2 LPG Price Change, Jan-Dec, 2006
  4.4.3 LPG Price Change in China, 2006-2007
  4.4.4 Reason for LPG Price Change, 2004-2005


5.1 LPG Chemical Raw Materials
5.2 Ethylene, 2005-2006
  5.2.1 Production in China, 2006
  5.2.2 Demand Field in China, 2005
  5.2.3 Price Trend, 2000-2006
  5.2.4 Future Supply and Demand in China, 2006-2010
5.3 Propylene, 2005-2006
  5.3.1 Production and Consumption in Foreign Countries
  5.3.2 Production and Consumption in China
  5.3.3 Future Development Trend and Meanings
5.4 Butadiene, 2005-2006
  5.4.1 Production Technology
  5.4.2 Global Market
  5.4.3 China Market
  5.4.4 Future Development Trend and Meanings
5.5 Butylene
  5.5.1 General Situation
  5.5.2 Supply and Demand
5.6 LPG Fuel Demand
  5.6.1 Liquefaction gas becomes the resource consumption spot in China
  5.6.2 Long Co-existence of LPG and Natural Gas in the Civic Fuel Gas Market in China
5.7 New Growth Point of LPG Consumption: Vehicle Fuel Gas
  5.7.1 Feasibility of LPG Vehicle
  5.7.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of LPG and the Other Clean Fuel Vehicles
  5.7.3 LPG Vehicle in Some Countries and Regions in Foreign Countries
  5.7.4 LPG Vehicle in China


6.1 Indices of Liquefaction Gas Transportation
  6.1.1 LPG Transportation
  6.1.2 LPG Pipeline Transmission
  6.1.3 LPG Canned Capability
  6.1.4 Liquefaction Gas Tanker
6.2 LPG Ship
  6.2.1 Classification
  6.2.2 Liquefaction Cabin Structure
  6.2.3 Domestic and Foreign Statistics of LPG Ships
6.3 LPG Water Transportation Market Environment
6.4 LPG Water Transportation Market in China
  6.4.1 LPG Ship Company
  6.4.2 Current Transportation Capability of LPG Ships
  6.4.3 LPG Water Transportation Amount
  6.4.4 Transport Network of LPG Water Transportation Market in China
6.5 Problems of LPG Water Transportation Market in China
6.6 Prospect of LPG Water Transportation Market in China


LNG Industry Chain Cost Structure
Monthly Import and Export Change Trend of LPG in China, 2004-2006
Monthly Liquefaction Gas Output Change in Northeast, 2004
Monthly Liquefaction Gas Output Change in North China, 2004
Monthly Liquefaction Gas Output Change in East China, 2004
Monthly Liquefaction Gas Output Change in South China, 2004
Market Share of LPG Suppliers, 2004
LPG Output in China, 2001-2006
LPG Output Change in China, 2001-2006
LPG Output in China, 2002-2006
Regional LPG Output in China, 2005
Regional LPG Output in China, 2006
LPG Output in China, 2004
LPG Output in China, 2005
LPG Output in China, 2006
Liquefaction Gas Consumption Structure in China, 1995-2004
Apparent Consumption Amount in China, 1990-2006
Forecast of LPG Consumption Amount in China, 2005-2010
LPG Import and Export Change Trend in China, 1995-2004
Ratio Distribution of LPG Import Source Country in China, 2004
Liquefaction Gas Import Dependence, 2002-2004
LPG Import Source in China, 2004
LPG Import Ratio in China by Province, 2004
LPG Import Market Share, 2003-2004
LPG Import Amount in China by Province, Jan-Dec, 2006
LPG Import Source and Amount in China, Jan-Dec, 2006
Ethylene Output Change Trend in China, 2003-2005
CIF of Import Ethylene in China, 2000-2005
Ethylene Supply and Demand in China, 2003-2005
Ethylene Supply and Demand in China, 2005-2015
Polyisobutylene Import and Export Change Trend in China, 2000-2004
Relative Price Comparison between Substitution Resource and Common Resource

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