Natural Gas Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases (namely methane, propane, nitrogen, ethane, butane and some others) naturally occurring underground, often together with crude oil deposits. Processed natural gas is used as a fuel in heating systems as well as for power generation. It is also an indispensable feedstock for chemical and fertilizer industries. Russia possesses the most abundant deposits of natural gas. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar and the UAE also have huge natural gas reserves.

The natural gas market is represented by two large segments: pipeline gas and liquefied gas. In 2011, the worldwide market has exhibited tremendous growth, propelled by the enhancing demand for the product, which grew by over 7% y-o-y and amounted to over 575 billion cubic meters. The figure is likely to grow by above 16% to climb to 3.9 trillion cubic meters by 2017. Asia is the world’s largest as well as fastest growing market for natural gas. Chevron, ExxonMobil, Gazprom, BP, ConocoPhillips and Shell are amid the worldwide market behemoths.

The catalogue contains a raft of in-demand research reports studying the natural gas market at global, regional and country levels. Relevant information on the market size, structure, challenges and opportunities along with top companies’ profiles is provided in the researches. The reports not only analyze the current situation on the market, but also describe possible ways of the market development in the short and long run.