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Tractor Market in India: An Analysis

May 2008 | 24 pages | ID: TDAEEAB74DEEN
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Tractor industry plays an important part as agriculture sector has a major contribution to India’s GDP. Tractors are part of agricultural machinery industry. Tractors came to India through imports and later on were indigenously manufactured with the help of foreign collaborations. The manufacturing process started in 1961-62. Indian tractor industry is relatively young but now has become the largest market worldwide.

There are currently 14 players in the industry. Mahindra & Mahindra is the leading player in the industry. Monsoon season is a key driver for sales of tractors. A series of good or bad monsoon can affect the sales. In recent years the industry has registered a good growth in sales, both domestic as well as exports. This is also partly because of the initiative of the government to boost up agriculture and agricultural machinery industry.

The tractor penetration level in India is very low as compared to the world standards. Also the penetration levels are also not uniform throughout the country. While the northern region is now almost saturated in terms of new tractor sales, the southern region is still under penetrated. The medium horse power category tractors, 31-40 HP, are the most popular in the country and fastest growing segment.

This report gives an insight into the tractor industry in India, discussing its inception and growth. It analyzes the current scenario of tractors in India, industry size, domestic and exports trends and India’s share in global market. Lastly, it discusses the players in the industry and profiles the top players.


1.1 Background
1.2 History


2.1 World Market by Region
2.2 Indian Tractor Market – Sales & Exports
2.3 Market Share
2.4 Market Value by States in India
2.5 Market Breakup by Segments


3.1 Rainfall Trend and Agriculture
3.2 Attractive Southern Markets
3.3 Agricultural Mechanization
3.4 Industry Consolidation
3.5 Foreign Collaborations


4.1 Mahindra & Mahindra
  4.1.1 Overview
  4.1.2 Business Strategies
  4.1.3 Pioneer in the Industry
  4.1.4 Increasing Global Presence
4.2 Tractor and Farm Equipment Limited
  4.2.1 Overview
  4.2.2 Business Strategies
  4.2.3 Brand Strategy
  4.2.4 Strong Customer and Quality focus
4.3 International Tractors Limited
  4.3.1 Overview
  4.3.2 Business Strategies
  4.3.3 Expanding Production Base
  4.3.4 Making a Mark Internationally
4.4 Punjab Tractors Limited
  4.4.1 Overview
  4.4.2 Business Strategies
  4.4.3 Increasing Sales through Easy Affordability


Tractor Density in India – A Comparison
India - Exports of Tractors (1997-2007)
Foreign Collaborations of Indian Players
Punjab Tractors – Group Companies
Punjab Tractors – Organizational Structure


Growth Rate of Agriculture & Allied Sector GDP (2002-07)
Worldwide Global Market for Geared Tractors by Region
Worldwide Agriculture Equipments Market by Region (2006)
Number of Major Equipments in India (2006)
India - Market Share of Leading Players of Tractors Industry (2006)
India - Tractor Industry Sales (1999-2007)
Tractor Sales by Segments (2000-06)
State-wise Sales of Tractors in India (2006)
Tractor Share of Tonnage Domestic Tire Industry (2007)
Tractor Share of Tonnage of Global Tire Industry (CY2005)
Tractor Sales and Rainfall Trends (1994-2005)
Tractor Share of Power Usage in Indian Agriculture Sector (2006)
Mahindra & Mahindra - Production and Sales of Tractors (2002-07)
TAFE’s Turnover and Number of Tractors Sold (2003-07)
International Tractors Ltd Sales (1994-2007)
Punjab Tractors - Sales and Market Share (2002-07)

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