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Telemedicine, Connected Health, and Mobile Healthcare Solutions, Services, and Devices: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2017 - 2022

April 2017 | 197 pages | ID: T2D77D2123EEN
Mind Commerce Publishing LLC

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Telemedicine, Tele-health, M-Health and Connected Health are all terms that pertain to the use of telecommunications and information technology in order to provide electronic assisted healthcare services. They form the ecosystem that contains all standards, businesses, and operations related to the industry of Electronic Healthcare, which include a wide range of stakeholders including patients, doctors, physicians, nurses, and more.

The fast growing area of Health Care IT Solutions is encompassing many different technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), broadband wireless, robotics, telepresence, artificial intelligence, machine communications, Big Data and Analytics. Connected health goes beyond healthcare services and administration, covering the entire value chain such as Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). Connected health business models are also transforming as the Cloud-based “as a Service” model facilitates the ability to treat many healthcare products as ongoing services. The evolving area of Real-Time Remote Medical Diagnosis Systems promise to revolutionize the detection and prescriptive abilities of healthcare diagnostics as IoT technologies integrate with Electronic Healthcare Records systems.

This research provides a technology and market assessment for E-Health, Telemedicine, Tele-health, and M-Health. The report provides an overview of these sectors, including technologies, applications, and related market potential. The report also provides a review of key players in each sector and future outlook for this industry segment. The report also addresses the critical ICT areas of Cloud and Data Management in support of digital healthcare. The report includes forecasts in key telemedicine market sectors for 2017 – 2022. All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you're addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

Target Audience:
  • Telecom service providers
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Healthcare technology suppliers
  • Application developers and app stores
  • Regulators and governmental agencies
  • IoT infrastructure and service providers
  • Anyone focused on the healthcare industry
Report Benefits:
  • Forecasts through 2022
  • Identify key players and solutions
  • Understand evolving business models
  • Identify leading solutions and applications
  • Recognize the future of telemedicine in ICT
  • Identify convergence with Big Data, and analytics
  • Identify opportunities for Cloud-based healthcare
Companies in Report:
  • 3Derm Systems
  • Access Psychiatry Solutions, LLC
  • Advanced Cardiac Diagnostics
  • Advanced ICU Care
  • Advantage Teleradiology
  • Agfa HealthCare
  • All-American Teleradiology, LLC
  • Amicas
  • Aperio
  • Appdragon Ltd
  • Appian Medical
  • Arogya
  • Axio Biosolutions Private Limited
  • Boove Software
  • C3O Telemedicine
  • CliniComp, Intl.
  • CompuMed Enterprise Telemedicine Solutions
  • CompuMedical - Health Care IT Solutions
  • custo med GmbH
  • Elad Health
  • e-Psychiatry
  • eVirtualHealth
  • Evolent Health
  • EyeNetra
  • gloStream
  • i2i TeleSolutions & TeleMedicine Pvt.Ltd
  • iMDsoft
  • Integra
  • Integra: Pharmacy Management Systems
  • JVS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Lively
  • Meddiff Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Medic Health
  • Medline Clinical Technology
  • Meridian Teleradiology
  • Meyer Instruments, Inc.
  • MN Natural Medicine
  • MobileCARE
  • NIVATE Online
  • NoemaLife
  • Nursing Informatics Institutes
  • Optra Systems, Inc
  • PCC Hellas
  • PHNS
  • RaPID Medical Technologies LLC
  • Real Radiology
  • Reid Telehealth
  • Remote Medical Technologies
  • RemoteDerm.com
  • Scriptor Software, LLC
  • Seventh Sense Software
  • Solutions Providers
  • Specialists on Call, Inc.
  • Statim
  • Sysmex Middle East FZ - LLC
  • TELEDerm
  • Teleradiology Solutions Us
  • TeleSkin
  • Televero Health
  • Telmedx
  • The Intensivist Group
  • Time for Medicine
  • Trapollo
  • VALIS Telemedicine Solutions
  • VeloSolutions
  • Ver2 Digital Medicine
  • VirtuMedix
  • Vodafone
  • VoxelHeart

1.1 Background
1.2 Scope of Research
1.3 Target Audience
1.4 Companies in Report



3.1 E Health
3.2 Telemedicine
3.3 Telehealth
  3.3.1 Advantages of Telehealth
  3.3.2 Telehealth Case Study
3.4 M-Health
  3.4.1 Advantages of M-Health
  3.4.2 M-Health a Sub-set of TeleHealth
3.5 Connected Health
  3.5.1 Advantages of Connected Health
  3.5.2 Case Study in Broad-based Connected Health


4.1 Communications Technologies
  4.1.1 Third and Fourth Generation Cellular
  4.1.2 WiFi
  4.1.3 Bluetooth
  4.1.4 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications
  4.1.5 Location Tracking Technologies
4.2 Imaging Technologies
  4.2.1 X-ray
  4.2.2 CT
  4.2.3 Ultrasound
  4.2.4 MRI
  4.2.5 PET/CT
  4.2.6 Bone Densitometry
  4.2.7 Mammography
4.3 ICT Technologies
  4.3.1 Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT)
  4.3.2 Wearable Technology
  4.3.3 Cloud Computing
  4.3.4 Big Data and Analytics


5.1 Consumer Side Demand
5.2 Connected Health
5.3 M-Health
5.4 Service Providers Side Demand
5.5 Market Sizing
  5.5.1 M-Health
5.6 E-Health Market Growth Drivers
  5.6.1 Technology Evolution
  5.6.2 Service Cost
  5.6.3 Policies
  5.6.4 Research and Development
  5.6.5 Government Support
5.7 Telemedicine SWOT Analysis
  5.7.1 Strengths Official Technology Support from Policymakers Time Savings
  5.7.2 Weaknesses Varying Levels of Success Human Culture More Research Needed Need for More Confidentiality
  5.7.3 Growing Potential Strong Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies Integrated Opportunities Potential Opportunities for Enhancement of User Experience Legislation Internet for the Elderly
5.8 Stakeholder Analysis Patients Informal Care Givers
  5.8.2 Health Provider Organizations (HPOs) and Staff Physicians Tele Service Centers Primary Care Organizations Specialist Care Organizations Hospitals Pharmaceutical Companies Medical Transportation Services Nursing Homes Care Professionals Telemedicine Suppliers Public/Private Healthcare Institutions Disease Management Companies Rehabilitation Centers Payers Healthcare Payers Social Care Payers Social Security Offices Geriatric Care and Hospice Agencies Sports Organizations Prisons Military Institutions and Veterans
  5.8.3 Non-ICT Organizations Pharmaceutical Industry All Employers
  5.8.4 ICT-related Healthcare Players Telecom Suppliers


6.1 Cardiology Solution Providers CompuMed Enterprise Telemedicine Solutions Advanced Cardiac Diagnostics VoxelHeart Meddiff Technologies Pvt. Ltd. VALIS Telemedicine Solutions
6.2 Dermatology
  6.2.1 Solutions Providers TELEDerm Time for Medicine TeleSkin 3Derm Systems
6.3 Neurology
  6.3.1 Solutions Providers Access Psychiatry Solutions, LLC Specialists on Call Inc
6.4 Orthopedics
  6.4.1 Solutions Providers VIMED MEYTEC GmbH
6.5 Oncology
  6.5.1 Solutions Providers Reid Telehealth
6.6 Pathology
  6.6.1 Solutions Providers Remote Medical Technologies Leica Biosystems Meyer Instruments, Inc. Optra Systems, Inc Ver2 Digital Medicine
6.7 Radiology
  6.7.1 Solutions Providers MRI Diagnostics Meridian Teleradiolog All-American Teleradiology, LLC Real Radiology
6.8 Dentistry
  6.8.1 Service Providers i2i TeleSolutions & TeleMedicine Pvt. Ltd


7.1 Clinical Information Systems (CIS)
  7.1.1 Solutions Providers Agfa HealthCare iMDsoft Sysmex Corporation JVS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Medline Clinical Technology
7.2 Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  7.2.1 Solutions Providers Anthelio Healthcare Solutions (Formerly PHNS) NoemaLife Merge Healthcare Inc. gloStream Elad Health
7.3 Real Time Health Systems (RTHS)
  7.3.1 Solution Providers Terso Solutions Extrahop Networks
7.4 Nursing Information Systems (NIS)
  7.4.1 Service Providers NIVATE Online
7.5 Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD)
  7.5.1 Solutions Providers Scriptor Software, LLC RaPID Medical Technologies LLC Seventh Sense Software custo med GmbH
7.6 Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS)
  7.6.1 Solutions Providers Integra: Pharmacy Management Systems CompuMedical - Health Care IT Solutions
7.7 Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
  7.7.1 Solutions Providers CliniComp, Intl.
7.8 M-Health Business Models
  7.8.1 Solutions Providers Appdragon Ltd.
7.9 Remote Data Collection
7.10 Remote Monitoring
  7.10.1 Service Providers MobileCARE
7.11 Communication and Training for Healthcare Workers
  7.11.1 Service Providers PCC Hellas
7.12 Diagnostic and Treatment Support
  7.12.1 Service Providers EyeNetra Appian Medical


8.1 Telemedicine at Schools
  8.1.1 Service Providers e-Psychiatry eVirtualHealth
8.2 Telemedicine for Remote Caregivers
  8.2.1 Service Providers VirtuMedix Televero Health
8.3 General Web-based E-medicine and Treatment
  8.3.1 Service Providers Meddiff Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
8.4 Home Monitoring
  8.4.1 Service Providers Trapollo
8.5 Community Care/Rural Health Centers
  8.5.1 Service Providers C3O Telemedicine Telmedx
8.6 Pre-hospital Emergency Ambulance Service
  8.6.1 Service Providers Axio Biosolutions Private Limited Medic Health
8.7 Critical Care Telemedicine
  8.7.1 Service Providers Integra The Intensivist Group
8.8 ICU Patient Care
  8.8.1 Service Providers Advanced ICU Care
8.9 Elder People Monitoring Solutions
  8.9.1 Service Providers Lively Inc. Vodafone


9.1 State of World Health
9.2 Telemedicine Technologies to Watch
  9.2.1 New Purposes for Existing Technologies: SMS
  9.2.2 New Purposes for Evolving Tech: Bluetooth Pills
  9.2.3 Mobile Health Clinics
  9.2.4 Real-Time Remote Medical Diagnosis System (RTRMDS)
  9.2.5 Electronic Medical Records
  9.2.6 Telemedicine Interoperability
9.3 Healthcare in the Cloud
9.4 Data Mining, Big Data, and Analytics in Healthcare
9.5 Wearable Technologies for Healthcare
9.6 Telemedicine as a Managed Service
9.7 Telepharmacy


10.1 Market Outlook 2017 - 2022
10.2 Global Markets for Telemedicine 2017 - 2022
10.3 Regional Markets for Telemedicine 2017 - 2022
10.4 Telemedicine Market by Technology 2017- 2022
10.5 Telemedicine Submarkets 2017 - 2022
10.6 Telemedicine Markets by Stakeholders 2017 - 2022



Figure 1: Growth of School-based Healthcare Centers
Figure 2: Healthcare Centers: Urban, Rural, Suburban
Figure 3: WHO Healthcare by Country
Figure 4: Causes of Death 1900 vs. 2010


Table 1: Global Telemedicine Market 2017 – 2022
Table 2: Regional Markets for Telemedicine 2017 – 2022
Table 3: Telemedicine Market by Technology 2017 – 2022
Table 4: Telemedicine Submarkets 2017 – 2022
Table 5: Telemedicine Markets by Stakeholders 2017 – 2022

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