Global Financial Data Market 2010

Date: January 23, 2010
Pages: 85
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Publisher: IRN Research
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Global Financial Data Market 2010
The report looks at the financial data and allied software industry, defined as market data, reference data, credit ratings and associated analytical and allied software. In total, a worldwide market of US$23.2bn.

“The global financial crisis brought to a sudden halt a period of strong growth for the financial data industry, which was a very rude awakening. The crisis alone was enough for the industry to cope with, but it also comes at a time of significant change. The proliferation of trading venues, including dark pools, the continued growth in algorithmic trading and the growing need for enterprise data management policies have all added cost pressures onto data managers. IRN believes the industry will return to growth in 2010 but there is more uncertainty today surrounding the future state of financial markets than at any time since the 1930s.” Gary Giddings, IRN Director and Author of The Global Financial Data Market

Report Key Findings and Conclusions:
  • The financial data market remained largely unchanged in 2008 compared with 2007 but experienced a sharp decline in sales of 5.5% in 2009.
  • The market was badly affected by the credit crunch and its impact on trading activity, new debt issues and the consolidation of the customer base (including the loss of key customers like Lehman Brothers).
  • While the negative effects began in late 2007 and continued into 2008, the impact on data spending was delayed until 2009 when data contracts signed at the start of 2008 – before the worst effects of the crunch were felt – came up for renewal.
  • In response, many data vendors and suppliers tried to improve the value for money of their offers. These moves have ranged from being more flexible when negotiating contracts – e.g. reducing normally fixed annual fees for firms that have lost headcount – to offering more data over a common infrastructure. Some suppliers are also trying as far as possible to price data on a bespoke basis.
  • Software has held up much better in 2009 compared with financial data, as firms are increasingly seeking to maximise the value of the data they purchase through the use of a range of software such as analytics, risk management solutions etc. As a result, financial data sold with solutions which can help financial firms increase the efficiency of their workflows and related processing functions has received an increase share of data budgets.
  • Despite seeing growth in 2010, the financial data market will take until 2011 before it reaches its pre-crises peak of sales recorded in 2007.
  • IRN expect the crunch to leave a long-term legacy on the market in terms of the willingness of financial firms to invest in financial data: stringent cost control is likely to remain a key priority for some time.
  • Indeed, the competitive battleground could well shift from what data is provided to what tools vendors can provide to end users: exploitation of data rather than data acquisition will be the key in the future.

Global Financial Data Market is a comprehensive review of the sector. Aimed at information and content vendors, financial exchanges, exchange data managers and information professionals. It includes:
  • The Market Today (market size up to 2009 and trends plus performance of key segments
  • Market Issues and Developments
  • 5 Year Global Market Forecast (up to 2014)
  • Vendors, Data Suppliers, and Exchanges
  • Vendor Min-Profiles and Market Shares

This comprehensive, 85+ page report, presents an invaluable guide to the industry and the forces shaping its future. The Contents Page is available on request.
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Global Financial Data Market 2010
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