Russian e-commerce Market 2010

Date: March 1, 2011
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Russian e-commerce Market 2010
The research examines Russian e-commerce market as of 2010. It covers only the retail market (B2C) i.e., online purchases of products by users for private/family use.

Online purchases in the research mean purchases that meet the following conditions:
  1. Choice of product and seller is made (entirely or partially) online
  2. The shopper places a remote order/booking of the product prior to purchase (this condition is relevant to online sales of physical goods; for digital products the condition is simpler – purchase should be done online)
  3. The product is purchased in an online store or from a company with an online store (online stores mean sites offering along with product catalogues the possibility to place the selected product into basket and order it online)

The classification of one transaction or another to e-commerce is not affected by the way of placing the order (on the site, by e-mail or phone), nor by the way of getting the order (delivery or self), nor the method of payment (online advance, offline advance or COD).

The research includes the segments of sales of physical goods, the digital products segments (software, music and video) and the segments of tickets (train/airplane as well as theatre and concert).

The research is based on integration of the widest range of available sources:
  • Online surveys of Internet users and online shops customers
  • Offline surveys of Internet users
  • Traffic statistics of retail websites
  • Search keyword statistics related to online shopping
  • Internal statistics of some online retailers
  • Payment systems data
  • Expert estimates

This integrated approach creates a complete picture and provides maximum accuracy and reliability of conclusions and forecasts.


2.1. Market size and number of shoppers
2.2. Russian market in comparison with European and US markets


3.1. Socio-demographic profile: gender and age
3.2. Socio-demographic profile: family status
3.3. Socio-demographic profile: income and employment
3.4. Socio-demographic profile: capitals vs. regions
3.5. Drivers of e-commerce engagement: Internet experience, income, place of residence
3.6. Shoppers distribution by online spending
3.7. Online spending by demographic groups
3.8. Consumer segments
3.9. Comparison of consumer segments by demographic characteristics


4.1. Popular product categories
4.2. Product categories: comparison of shoppers profiles
4.3. Capitals vs. regions by product categories
4.4. Online spending by product categories
4.5. Market breakdown by product categories
4.6. Popular product categories: comparison with European and US markets


5.1. Shoppers distributions by macroregions
5.2. Average spending and turnover by macroregions
5.3. Shoppers segments: comparison by macroregions
5.4. Factors of regional lagging
5.5. Online shoppers and turnover: distribution by city size
5.6. Top cities: qualitative characteristics
5.7. Top cities: number of online shoppers and market size

6. MARKET FORECASTS, 2011-2015

6.1. Growth of online shoppers in number
6.2. Dynamics of online purchases frequency and average spending
6.3. Dynamics of market size
6.4. Market growth: capitals vs. regions
6.5. Additional opportunities for market growt
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Russian e-commerce Market 2010
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