Egypt’s PVC Producer on Maintenance Shutdown

13 Jan 2011 • by Natalie Aster

In Egypt, the local PVC producer EPC shut their plant during last week for maintenance while the producer aims to resume their operations as of next week. A source from the company noted that they are currently supplying the market’s needs from their existing stocks while they are to announce their new offer levels by tomorrow.

Currently, the producer’s offer levels are at EGP6000/ton ($1035/ton) for k67-68 and at EGP6150/ton ($1061/ton) for k70 on ex-Alexandria, cash not including VAT basis. The general expectancies centre on mostly stable offer levels from the producer given the still slow demand and comfortable local supplies in the market. However, the recent increase on the import market level coupled with the producer’s stock situation following their maintenance might cause EPC to try for a slight increase.

Now, overall import offers are at $1000-1045/ton on CIF Alexandria, 180 days deferred payment basis. This range comes to $976-1020/ton on cash equivalent basis and the high end is slightly above EPC’s prices after adding an estimated $30/ton clearing and handling charges to the import level.

Source: ChemOrbis


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