Teijin Claims First for Bioplastic Spectacles

07 Sep 2009 • by Natalie Aster

A new Japanese range of spectacles are said to be the world’s first to have all the plastic frame parts made out of a plant-based bioplastic, according to plastics manufacturer and co-developer Teijin.

The spectacles, developed in collaboration with Japan-based manufacturer Tanaka, are made of BioFront resin. Biofront is based on a modified polylactic acid, a plant-based material typically derived from corn or sugar cane

Teijin says BioFront is an ideal material for glasses as it is very heat resistant – it has a melting point of 210°C – while its natural antibacterial properties help avoid rashes developing around the nose and eyes.

Teijin is Japan-based firm whose product portfolio includes synthetic fibres, films and plastics. Earlier this year, the company pulled out of its PLA bioplastics joint venture with Natureworks, saying it wanted instead to focus on developing its own BioFront resins.

The company plans to produce more than 5,000 tonnes of BioFront in 2010.

Source: European Plastics News

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