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Smart Infrastructure Trends & Developments Globally Examined by BuddeComm in Its Topical Study Available at MarketPublishers.com

30 Aug 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – There is a rising trend toward urbanisation, and in 2017 there are currently more citizens living in cities than in the countryside.

The impetus toward developing smart cities is being driven by a range of factors. Thus, citizens that are increasingly getting used to the convenience of services made available via the Internet and apps on their smart devices become unhappy when ICT infrastructure and services do not keep up. This in turn puts pressure on operators and Governments to enhance the situation which results in taking a holistic approach to infrastructure issues of a community.

The state of the economy is also driving smart city initiatives. In many domains, the costs of running the society and the economy have grown considerably. Meantime, today’s sophisticated technology can curb these expenses, and the organisations, businesses and cities that are utilising this are being able to meet competition. At the city scale, cities will face with the need to be able to facilitate this with a view of bringing in new investments, jobs, citizens and developments. Current technology equips citizens, businesses and investors with far greater flexibility to choose between cities, both on a national and international level. The examples of the possible achievements could be Glasgow (the UK) and Newcastle (Australia).

China has started massive investments in smart cities, as many of these cities are perceived by their citizens to be not acceptable places to live. The upsurge in health expenditures and economic losses is currently such that smart city developments are high on the list of the majority of the top 100 cities in the country.

M2M connections linked to smart/connected cities are poised to record one of the fastest CAGRs till 2021.

Topical research report “Global Smart Infrastructure - Paving the Way for Smart Nations” elaborated by BuddeComm offers a comprehensive assessment of the market for smart cities on a global level. It provides a discussion of the transformation that cities and communities are undergoing today. The study casts light on the smart energy domain, discusses radical changes for electricity utilities, gives an analysis of trends and developments in the market for smart grids and smart meters, speculates on the smart energy of the future, etc. The research report presents an all-round analysis of the trends in the market for intelligent transport systems and drones. It gives information on the smart societies based on artificial intelligence. The report analyses the trends and developments in the world M2M and IoT marketplace.

More topical market research reports by the publisher are available at BuddeComm page.


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