BuddeComm is a Sydney (Australia) based stand-alone telecom research and consultancy firm, specialising in preparing top-level strategic research reports for governments and businesses alike as well as operating the biggest telecom research service over the Internet.

The company publishes more than 2000 reports encompassing 190 nations, 200 applications and technologies, and 500 companies. The reports explore development trends in the wireless and fixed telecoms domain, such as digital and video media, social media and multimedia, among others. The report track infrastructure developments, especially those pertaining to national broadband networks and other ultra-fast fibre-based networks.

BuddeComm’s research presently focuses on a number of telecoms and novel media projects, encompassing digital media, FTTH (fibre-to-the-home), e-health, interactive video, smart grids, and the convergence of IT and telecommunications.

Research Reports By BuddeComm

Found 203 publications
Australia - Data Centre Market US$ 2,000.00 Jun, 2019
Asia - Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs US$ 3,000.00 May, 2019 544 pages
Africa - Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs US$ 3,000.00 May, 2019 550 pages
Asia - Mobile Infrastructure and Mobile Broadband US$ 3,000.00 May, 2019 665 pages
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