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Nanotechnology Applications in Aerospace Industry Are Highlighted in New Report by Future Markets Recently Added at MarketPublishers.com

01 Feb 2017 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Today, technology innovations in aerospace field are increasingly focused on development of products able to reduce costs (like maintenance, fuel efficiency, repair, etc.) and also increase comfort and safety. The most noteworthy trend is introduction of multi-functional materials able to cope with tasks generally performed by several elements. Nanomaterials are rather popular in the aerospace industry due to their advanced properties.

The embedding of carbon-based nanomaterials like CNTs and even more recently graphene nanoplatelets, has been considered as a possible solution for a great number of challenges associated with aerospace structures.

The majority of research and development projects, investigating the usage of nanomaterials in the aerospace industry, are focusing on possible ways of structural reinforcement of composite materials. Nanomaterials are likely to give a hand in the development of high-performance, light, robust, cost-effective and multi-functional aircraft.

Furthermore, nanomaterials are believed to have the potential to outperform carbon fiber owing to their considerable improved protective, structural and functional properties. The usage of nanomaterials in different aerospace applications has an enormous potential.

Cutting-edge research publication by Future Markets titled “The Global Market for Nanotechnology in Aerospace” offers an all-round overview of nanotechnology applications in the aerospace and aviation industries, discloses the major properties of nanomaterials as well as estimates the attractiveness and potential of nanotechnology in the aerospace applications. It contains info on the related regulative norms across different regions, review the current and emerging technologies, covers the major drivers and restraints, discusses key challenges and opportunities. The report contains a review of top development trends and projections for the further market development.

Many other research studies by this publisher are provided in the Future Markets catalogue.


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