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IoT Technologies to Benefit Smart Cities Greatly, According to Insightful Report by Mind Commerce Recently Uploaded at MarketPublishers.com

17 Aug 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Nowadays, metropolitan areas worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges as urbanization is expanding at a rapid pace and is testing the ability of city planners to satisfy the existing and anticipated needs of its citizens. Over 150 thousand people get added in urban areas every day because of births or migration. The global population number is expected to grow by above 70% between 2011 and 2050.

Furthermore, along with climate changes and a number of environmental pressures, cities need to be ‘smart’ and take measures to meet stringent requirements inflicted by commitments and legal obligations. The ongoing development of smart cities forces solution providers to take much more integrated approach to the design and implementation of service and infrastructure capabilities. They need to work efficiently across numerous industry verticals as smart city must address the needs of disparate market sectors with manifold overlapping and even mutually exclusive requirements.

Smart cities are supported by many different technologies. Systems and resources are intertwined as communications, mobility, water, energy, performance management, monitoring, control, platforms, forecasting and predictability all merge together. Such convergence is realized first in some top industries like automobiles and home entertainment. The technologies associated with IoT (Internet of Things) will likely bring certain benefits to smart cities, and vice versa, the ongoing development of smart cities will spur the development of IoT technologies.

Topical report “IoT Technology and Solutions for Smart Cities” by Mind Commerce Publishing explores IoT technologies supporting smart city deployments, reviews and evaluates the challenges and benefits for implementation of IoT technologies in smart cities and also sheds light on the possible future development. The report contains detailed information on various IoT technologies and discusses the hottest issues related to IoT in smart cities.

Other in-demand reports prepared by this publisher are offered at Mind Commerce’s page.


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