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11 Feb 2016 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Nuclear receptors (also termed nuclear hormone receptors) comprise a superfamily of structurally preserved, ligand-dependent transcription factors, which encompasses receptors for retinoids, thyroid hormones, steroid hormones, orphan receptors, and eicosanoid metabolites. Belonging to a distinct subfamily of nuclear receptors, the retinoid-related orphan receptors gamma (RORgamma, also referred to as NR1F3) has essential roles in the development and metabolic homeostasis. Though the biological functions of RORgamma have been examined extensively, no ligands have been identified for RORgamma, and no structure of RORgamma has been informed. Thus, RORgamma is a hot, but ‘difficult-to-drug’ target.

Over 30 companies are vigorously engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. Technology firms that have expertise in drug discovery targeting nuclear hormone receptors are partners of choice for the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies if they have discovered new scaffolds of RORgamma antagonists. Over 10 such technology-pharma deals have been concluded, which have already proved first successes. Three inverse agonists of RORgamma are already undergoing clinical trials, with more expected to follow through 2016 and afterwards.  

New study “RORgamma Modulators 2016: A comparative analysis of the landscape of RORgamma antagonists and agonists” drawn up by La Merie Publishing clarifies the scientific rationale for discovering RORgamma antagonists for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, as well as cancer.

The report provides both clinical and non-clinical data for target validation of RORgamma; discusses lead and up-side indications for the development; pinpoints potential safety issues for new RORgamma modulators; reviews drug discovery technologies and strategies; identifies the commercial value of drug research collaborations; calculates the R&D timelines from the start of screening to first-in-man studies. The market research study identifies the competitive scenario of RORgamma antagonists, takes an up-close look at the agonists of RORgamma for cancer, offers granular profiles of the unpartnered technology firms and lead projects as well as unpartnered pharmacos and their programmes; and sheds light on the R&D partnerships and their discovery approaches and lead molecules.

Report Details:

RORgamma Modulators 2016: A comparative analysis of the landscape of RORgamma antagonists and agonists 
Published: February, 2016
Pages: 88 
Price: US$ 1,050.00

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