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Various India Markets Reports by Gyan Research and Analytics Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

03 Mar 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd announces that in-demand Gyan Research and Analytics reports on different Indian markets have been added to its catalogue.

Sectoral Capsule-Scrap to Wealth - E-waste. The on-going development of electronics together with their rapid obsolescence encourages consumers to discard old electronic items, which present huge amounts of e-waste in the solid waste stream. Over 400,000 tonnes of electronic waste, 7.2 tonnes of industrial hazardous waste, 1.5 tones of plastic waste and 48 tonnes of municipal waste are generated annually in India. The report offers an in-depth guide to the Indian e-waste market …

Sectoral Capsule-Indian Retail Industry-The Road Ahead. The retail sector contributes around 15% on average to the Indian GDP. In 2012, the Indian retail sector value stood at approximately USD 512 billion; and Indian ranked the 5th leading retail market worldwide. The research report presents a comprehensive analysis of the national retail market performance, discusses the burning aspects and trends in the sector …

Sectoral Capsule-Indian Beauty Care Market- A Snapshot.  Recently, the Indian beauty care market has followed a stable upward trend, driven primarily by the rising disposable income in the country, increasing desire of the population to look good, and enhanced demand for wellness products. The research study covers the present scenario in the national beauty care market and uncovers important industry performance estimates …

Sectoral Capsule-Processed Juice Market in India -Packed with Opportunities. In 2012, India’s juice market was evaluated at around USD 3.5 billion. The national market is poised to amount to USD 21.14 billion by 2018. Currently, the per capita consumption of fruit juice-based beverages in the country is just 20 ml. Nevertheless, there is a great untapped potential in the sector. The report delves deep into the national juice market and covers all key industry aspects …

Sectoral Capsule-Indian Pet Care Market-Growing by Leaps and Bounds. Dogs are the most favoured pets in India due to their intelligence, loyalty and companionship. In 2012, the number of dogs in the country was 9 times over that of cats, and even 14 times over that of other pets. The report sheds light on the current scenario in the Indian pets market, discusses the major industry trends and identifies the main factors driving and restraining the industry growth …

More studies by the publisher can be found at Gyan Research and Analytics page.


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