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Gyan Research and Analytics is an India-based business consultancy and research firm that boasts of offering a goulash of services for organizations occupied in the institutional, industrial, financial markets sited in different corners of the globe. The company’s crew creates top-grade custom-tailoured knowledge solutions to aid their global clients in multiplying net revenues, enhancing competitive performance, and distinguishing themselves from their rivals.

Gyan’s every customer is treated as exceptional and worthy of first-class quality services. The organisation has always been conscientious in its duty of encouraging their clients in achieving business performance excellence.

Gyan’s senior member team enjoys over a hundred years’ joint store of experience in the fields of insurance, investment research, customer analytics, knowledge management (KM), strategic consulting services, and IT consulting solutions. The firm’s executive team takes pride in offering premier client services, including business and financial analyses, research, evaluation, modelling and database management.

Each of Gyan Research and Analytics’ assignments is permeated with the spirit of personal commitment. All in all, professionalism, integrity, teamwork and quality are the four pillars the firm’s ideology rests upon.

Research Reports By Gyan Research and Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Found 312 publications
Market Potential of Mobile Applications in India US$ 250.00 Feb, 2015 25 pages
Cyber Security Market in India US$ 250.00 Feb, 2015 25 pages
A Snapshot of the Indian Dairy Industry US$ 250.00 Feb, 2015 25 pages
Growing Presence of Media in India US$ 250.00 Feb, 2015 25 pages
Global Beauty Care Market (2014-2018) US$ 1,200.00 Oct, 2014 126 pages
Global Media and Entertainment Industry (2014-2018) US$ 1,200.00 Sep, 2014 146 pages
Global Horticulture (2014 -2018) - Pink and Healthy US$ 1,200.00 Jul, 2014 124 pages
Global Dairy Industry – The Milky Way US$ 1,200.00 Jul, 2014 146 pages
Global Mobile Industry: The New Driver of Economy US$ 1,200.00 Jul, 2014 109 pages
E-Commerce in India – Click to Boom US$ 800.00 Feb, 2014 65 pages
Global Renewable Energy: 2009 - 2018 US$ 1,200.00 Feb, 2014 137 pages
Sectoral Capsule-Scrap to Wealth - E-waste US$ 250.00 Jan, 2014 18 pages
Company Snapshot - Thinksoft Global Limited US$ 99.00 Nov, 2013 7 pages
Company Snapshot - Novartis India Limited US$ 99.00 Nov, 2013 7 pages
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