Number of Medical Apps to Assist with Billing for Medical Claims is Growing, Reports Kalorama Information

18 Jul 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Medical workers are often working with insurance companies and other payers to receive the reimbursement for their services. This can result in an untimely accounts receivable turnaround for the health provider. If there is a breakdown in the communication between heath provider, patient, and payer, the system is frustrating for providers.

The new report “The Market for Mobile Medical Apps" by Kalorama Information states that some of the reasons for long accounts receivable cycle or a loss of revenues are:

  • poor management of claims 
  • poor management of co-pays at time of service 
  • untimely follow-up of claims 
  • coding errors

Report Details:

The Market for Mobile Medical Apps
Published: June, 2012
Pages: 109
Price: US$ 2.500,00

There are a growing number of medical apps to assist with billing for medical claims. Some of these apps are geared to assist the billing office in claims management while other apps are used for health professionals to gather billing information and send to the billing office— allowing the health professional to focus on patient care rather than billing issues.

More information can be found in the report “The Market for Mobile Medical Apps” by Kalorama Information.

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