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US Foodservice Industry Discussed in New Packaged Facts Studies

23 Mar 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Convenience Store Foodservice Trends in the U.S. Packaged Facts estimates that convenience store foodservice sales grew 5.6%in 2010, and forecasts sales to rise by 5.8% in 2011 and 5.3% in 2012, on the heels of aggressive foodservice platform build outs and increased convenience store foodservice patronage. In the process, foodservice is transforming the convenience store user experience, forcing players to improve their platforms or get left behind. This report helps industry participants understand and leverage key trends shaping category growth through the analysis of intended and actual foodservice purchases, foodservice sales growth, by foodservice category (prepared foods, hot dispensed beverages, cold dispensed beverages, and frozen beverages), foodservice strategies, menu analysis, and consumer usage demographics.

Trends in U.S. Corporate Foodservice. Packaged Facts forecasts that corporate foodservice sales will drop more than 6% during 2011-12, driven primarily by continued high unemployment, restaurant encroachment into the corporate catering space, company site size trends, and remote working arrangements. However, we believe significant untapped opportunity exists in building greater synergy between corporate foodservice and wellness programs; and in meeting employees’ foodservice needs by profession and occupation in concert with demographics such as gender, generation and race/ethnicity. This report provides the insight corporate foodservice participants need to understand these challenges and opportunities and frame their strategies accordingly.

Trends in U.S. Foodservice Contracting. Packaged Facts believes the future of foodservice contracting is bright, forecasting enviable growth in education, healthcare, military, and sports and recreation markets, with more significant challenges ahead for the business and industry segment. This report provides insights on opportunities for contractors providing food services to commercial, non-commercial and government locations. We provide in-depth segment analysis for six key market verticals, including market size and forecasting, innovation leadership case studies, and opportunity analysis.

Social Media and Technology in the U.S. Foodservice Industry: Trends and Opportunities for an Emerging Market. Restaurant operators are interacting with restaurant consumers in real-time—at work, at home or in mid stride—providing significant opportunities to influence consumer food choices as they are being made. With this report you will get the insights and analysis you need to understand and leverage social media and technology platforms to enhance your bottom line. Learn how you can effectively implement Facebook and Twitter restaurant quantification methods and leverage our in-depth social media and technology case studies of Chipotle Mexican Grill and Starbucks—two restaurant brands leading the way into new marketing and promotional territory.

Catering Trends in U.S. Foodservice. Emerging from a dismal 2009, the catering industry is on the rebound. Packaged Facts estimates that 2010 catering revenue among caterers, restaurants, foodservice contractors, and hotels reached $14.2 billion, a 9.0% increase from 2009. This Packaged Facts report provides the insight and analysis market participants need to take advantage of the turnaround and plan their catering and foodservice strategies.

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