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M-Commerce Market Reviewed in New Cutting-Edge Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

22 Dec 2011 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Mobile commerce (m-commerce) – the ability to purchase goods anywhere through a wireless Internet-enabled device – is slowly becoming a dominant force in business and society. Partially due to developments in non-traditional cellular usage and the ascent of the tablet computing devices, the m-commerce market is projected to be accelerated by the following sub sectors: mobile payments (including digital and physical payments, contactless near field communication (NFC) and mobile money transfer), mobile ticketing, mobile coupons and mobile banking.

New research report “Next Generation Mobile Commerce: Beyond Cell Phones” worked out by Mind Commerce Publishing has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Next Generation Mobile Commerce: Beyond Cell Phones
Published: December, 2011
Pages: 150
Price: US$ 1,995

The research report provides comprehensive and granular analysis of the current state and future development (2012-2017) of the market for mobile commerce applications. The future of handset, tablets as well as consumer behavior with regard to m-commerce applications is also discussed in detail.

Reports Contents:

1 Executive Summary

2 The Future of the Mobile Handsets and its Effect on M-Commerce
2.1 Mobile Platforms
2.2 Html
2.3 Mobile Handsets
2.4 2G Handsets and Mobile Commerce
2.5 3G Handsets
2.6 Voip over Lte
2.7 Mobile IP
2.8 The Migration from IPV4 TO IPV6
2.9 4G Handsets
2.10 3GPP Lte and 4G Handsets
2.11 Differences between 3G and 4G Systems
2.12 4G Handset Market 2012-2017
2.13 Future of the Applications in Mobile Devices

3 Handset Analysis (OS Developments)
3.1 Android OS
3.2 Blackberry
3.3 IOS
3.4 .Net Compact Framework
3.5 Brew
3.6 Pocket PC and Microsoft Smart Phone
3.7 Palm OS
3.8 LG, Samsung, Motorola & Sony-Ericsson
3.9 ATT, Verizon Wireless & Sprint
3.10 Analysis of Developer Support Programs
3.11 SWOT Analysis by Phone/Manufacturer
3.12 Java Me
3.13 Symbian

4 M-Commerce Usage Beyond Cell Phones (the Rise of the Tablet)
4.1 Tablets vs Smartphones
4.2 Consumer Behavior in M-Commerce
4.3 How Google is Driving Decisions in Handsets
4.4 Will Google be Involved in the Next Generation M-Commerce...?
4.5 What is the Next Move from Google..?
4.6 Next Generation Mobile Commerce Devices (Tablets or Smartphones..?)
4.7 Tablets Analysis
4.8 Ipad From Apple
4.9 Motorola Xoom
4.10 Galaxy Tab
4.11 LG G-Slate
4.12 Future of the Tablets
4.13 Conclusion on Tablets
4.14 Case Study 1: Tablets Effects ON M-Commerce
4.15 Case Study 2: Tablets and Purchasing Decisions
4.16 Conclusions
4.17 Motorola
4.18 Motorola SWOT
4.19 Global Handset Manufacturers to Reduce Number of Models...?
  4.19.1 Nokia
  4.19.2 LG
  4.19.3 Samsung
  4.19.4 Conclusions

5 Next Generation Devices (What's beyond Tablet and Cell Phones..?)
Wireless Network

6 M-Commerce Market Forecast 2012-2017
6.1 UK Mobile Commerce Revenue 2011-2017
6.2 THE Future of M-Commerce TO 2017
6.3 M-Commerce Future in LTE and its Usage
6.4 M-Commerce in 2017
6.5 Services and Applications
6.6 NFC World Market Forecast 2012-2017

7 Markets
7.1 Mobile Advertising
  7.1.1 The Advertising Double Edged Sword
  7.1.2 Market Summary
  7.1.3 Case Study Rim
  7.1.4 Case Study Apple
  7.1.5 Case Study Popcap Games
  7.1.6 Case Study Car Locator
  7.1.7 Platform Market Share
7.2 Market Sizing
  7.2.1 Predicted Mobile Sales
  7.2.2 Predicted Smart Phone Sales
  7.2.3 Predicted Mobile Application Sales and Revenue
  7.2.4 Recent Market Developments as Growth Indicators
7.3 Market Sizing and Forecast
  7.3.1 Smart Phone Market Performance
7.4 Application Store Market Performance
  7.4.1 Handango Mobile Content
  7.4.2 Apple App Store Mobile Content
  7.4.3 Medialets App Store and Android Marketplace Analysis
7.5 Recommendations for the Mobile App Marketplace

8 Smart Phone User Survey
8.1 Market Breakdown by Mobile Operating System
  8.1.1 Symbian
  8.1.2 Rim Blackberry
  8.1.3 Apple OSX Mobile
  8.1.4 Google Android
  8.1.5 Windows Mobile and Phone 7
  8.1.6 Palm Webos
  8.1.7 Samsung Bada
  8.1.8 Emerging Platforms

More new research reports by the publisher can be found at Mind Commerce Publishing page.



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