New Report “Markets for Silver-Based Transparent Conductors – 2011” Now Available at

15 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Report “Markets for Silver-Based Transparent Conductors – 2011” Now Available at

LONDON – With the extremely high conductivity possible using nanosilver, the high interest and the enlarging demand is hardly surprising. The wide application of nanosilver transparent conductors has been primarily driven by the sentiments that now surround the established ITO market as well as the emergence of market sectors – notably touch display sensors – a sector which focuses today on nanosilver transparent conductors.

New market research report Markets for Silver-Based Transparent Conductors – 2011worked out by NanoMarkets gives answers to most up-to-date questions and itching issues relative to the industry. It reviews the sectors of the display and solar panel industry that are likely to be most open to nanosilver transparent conductors. In addition, this report appraises the strategies of all the major firms offering or planning to offer nanosilver-based transparent conductor solutions. Most importantly a granular eight-year forecast analysis if featured in the study.

Report Details:

Title: Markets for Silver-Based Transparent Conductors – 2011
Published: September, 2011
Price: US$ 2,495

Report Contents:

E.1 Why Have Nanosilver-based Transparent Conductors Attracted so Much Attention?
E.1.1 Silver and the Doubts About ITO
E.1.2 Why Silver?
E.2 Summary of Eight-year Forecasts of Transparent Conductor Markets
E.3 Roadmap for Silver-based Transparent Conductors
E.3.1 Why the FPD Market is the Path to the Future
E.3.2 Product Roadmaps and Strategies
E.4 Investment Picture and Firms to Watch
E.5 Implications for the Nanosilver Business

1.1 Background to this Report
  1.1.1 Silver as a Transparent Conductive Nanomaterial: The One to Beat?

  1.1.2 The (Evolving) Joys and Challenges of Silver Transparent Conductors
  1.1.3 Applications for Silver-based Transparent Conductors: The Touch-Screen Sensor Trap
1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report
  1.2.1 Scope of Report
1.3 Methodology of this Report
1.4 Plan of this Report

2.1 Evolution of the Silver Approach to Transparent Conductors
  2.1.1 Grids, Silver and Transparent Conductors
  2.1.2 Advantages of Silver Transparent Conductors

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