Cutting-Edge Telecommunication Market Research Reports by Mind Commerce Newly Published by

01 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Cutting-Edge Telecommunication Market Research Reports by Mind Commerce Newly Published by

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new topical Mind Commerce reports on telecommunication markets have been added to its catalogue.

Google + Social Commerce: Evaluating Opportunities and Business Issues. Google + is a new project recently launched by Google and being a key means of the tycoon to provide easy-way social networking to Google users by connecting them via a social web application. Google + is however accepted as the major rival of Facebook in their core areas. The service is undergoing a maturing stage today and it is awaited to become a bridge to enable social commerce. The study delves into the business issues of Google +, addresses integration and synergy opportunities with the system, offers its SWOT analysis and future prospects discussion …

Mobile Social Commerce: Social Media + Mobile Commerce Creates Market Opportunities. As both mobile commerce and social media are making their early steps in service maturation, the two solutions are being united as one unit at a pinpoint time when they can both incite each other performance boost and reach new success. This study offers an in-depth discussion of the issue and covers evaluation of the technologies, solutions, applications. Case studies that comprise the combination of social media/networking and mobile commerce are reviewed. Market opportunities and forecasts up to 2016 are discussed in detail. This research identifies and assesses key opportunities as mobile commerce and social networking merge and potential future mobile social commerce applications …

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