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Sodium Bicarbonate (otherwise known as sodium acid carbonate; baking soda; bread soda, bicarbonate of soda; or, colloquially, sodium bicarb) is a soluble inorganic salt, represented chemically with the formula NaHCO3. It assumes the shape of a white-coloured crystalline solid, besides having a powdered appearance. The mineral natron is a natural source of Sodium Bicarbonate, otherwise called here nahcolite; the chemical is also met dissolved in lots of mineral wells.

Presently, the common commercial means of Sodium Bicarbonate production is the Solvay (ammonia-soda) process, standing for the reaction of ammonia (azane), carbon dioxide and sodium chloride (common salt) in water. Having been in favour for an infinite set of chemical-to-household uses for generations, Sodium Bicarbonate is still an environmentally sound salt worshiped for its versatility.

A heap of the research studies discussing the Sodium Bicarbonate Market fall under this MarketPublishers' Catalogue. The reports grant access to the accurate statistics on the production/demand as well as imports/exports. The research reports evaluate the acuteness of rivalry in the Sodium Bicarbonate marketplace; describe the present and emerging market trends; give data on the market segmentation, size, drivers and roadblocks. Additionally, the researches talk about the most likely paths of the market development.

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2015 Market Research Report on Global Sodium Bicarbonate Industry US$ 2,600.00

2015 Market Research Report on Global Sodium Bicarbonate Industry is a professional and deep ... information is listed as products, customers, application, capacity, market position, and company Contact information, etc. 2015-2020 forecast on capacity, production, cost, price ...

Mar, 2015 160 pages
2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Sodium Bicarbonate Industry US$ 2,200.00

2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Sodium Bicarbonate Industry' was professional and depth research report on Global and China Sodium ... give related research conclusions and development trend analysis on Global and China Sodium Bicarbonate industry. In a word, it was a depth research report on Global ...

Mar, 2014 160 pages
Sodium Hydrogencarbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate): European Union Market Outlook 2018 and Forecast till 2023 US$ 1,800.00

... EU producers and the list of major suppliers. European consumers of sodium hydrogencarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) are briefly overviewed as well. Sodium Hydrogencarbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) market prospects to 2023 are given (incl. trends ...

Jul, 2018 94 pages
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